Fini Filled Licorice Bars - From Spain!

Fini Filled Licorice Bars: A Spanish Candy [Review]

Fini is a Spain-based candy company that offered to send me free candy samples to review. So I went to their website and drooled over their gorgeous candy photos, all the while wishing that I spoke Spanish. Fortunately, their contact pointed me to click the little British flag in their navigation bar, and voila, everything was in English. I specifically requested filled licorice bars, which I fell in love with while in England, and I now have more than I could/should ever eat.

Fini Filled Licorice Bars

Filled Licorice bars are pretty ubiquitous in the UK, where they’re also referred to as licorice pencils or, in their chopped upstate (below photo), as mini cables. They’re basically hollow tubes of fruit licorice filled with fondant. I’m not a fan of Twizzlers or Red Vines, but there’s something about the licorice and fondant combination that makes these addictively yummy. Fini has a large assortment that varies in size and licorice flavors.

Fini Filled Licorice Bar flavors:

The red ones were strawberry, the green was green apple, the white matte was strawberry, the orange matte was peach, and the fat pink one just tasted of sweet, as it was fondant on fondant.

Fini Filled Licorice Bars

The smallest (in terms of diameter) ones were my favorite. The larger/fatter bars have a too high fondant to licorice ratio, making them overly sweet and messing with the fun textural play on slightly rubbery, chewy licorice against soft fondant. The matte ones (white and orange) were a fondant-type coating around a rubbery center; those were manageable.

The conclusion and where to find them?

These aren’t fancy hoity-toity candies, but they’re tasty and addictive and get an OM. I found the sour ones that were included in my MunchPak to be a little better in fact.

Unfortunately, Fini is still in the processing of rolling out their U.S. entry, so it’ll be a few months before you U.S. readers can order their products. If they update me, I’ll update you.