English School In Singapore

English School In Singapore – Effective Learning

Education in Singapore is distinguished by quality teaching and modern teaching methods. Studying English in Singapore allows you to quickly and efficiently learn a language in a dynamic metropolis.

Pros and cons

English language school in Singapore can seem like an exotic adventure. However, some advantages of studying in Singapore should force the student to consider this country as an option for learning English:

  • Singapore is a cosmopolitan city where people of any nationality feel comfortable;
  • Language courses are much cheaper than in the USA and Great Britain;
  • It is possible to meet people from different countries: students from more than seventy countries of the world study here;
  • Low crime rate.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • A densely populated city with constant traffic jams;
  • Travel to Singapore will be expensive: not only the flight will require a large amount of money, but also living in the country;
  • Students in language courses are prohibited from working;
  • Singapore has very strict laws, for example, fines for smoking in the wrong place can be as high as $1,000.

Features of studying in Singapore

English language schools in Singapore are often taught by teachers from the US, UK, and Australia, so students will study Standard English. But even if the majority of teachers in the language center will be Singaporeans, this is not a reason to look for another school. There are high requirements for teachers in language schools in Singapore: they must all study in the UK or the USA, as well as obtain an international diploma allowing them to teach English.

A distinctive feature of language courses in Singapore is their fixed duration. It is not easy to find a school that prompts the student to choose the length of the course. However, this has its advantage: the person will be studying according to a clear program. Language schools in Singapore often provide curriculum courses, where each lesson is scheduled almost by the minute.

Language centers in Singapore do not offer accommodation to their students: either in a student residence or in a family. But the school often helps a foreign student find accommodation. It must be said that it will be difficult to find housing in the country due to the large influx of foreigners into the country. Therefore, it is worth asking this question as early as possible.

Facts about education in Singapore

English language school in Singapore allows you to learn the language in a short time and enjoy the excellent architecture, mild climate, and carefree lifestyle. Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore attracts students from all over the world to study English in a modern major city.

Language schools in Singapore are located in the heart of the capital. Students choose General or Intensive English. Knowledge of English will allow you to communicate with locals and practice the language 24 hours in an important shopping center in Asia. Most Singaporeans speak English, so you won’t have any problems.

After classes, you can go to the Botanical Garden, Orchid Park, Singapore Zoo. If you are interested in modern technology, then you should definitely visit the modern science museums in Singapore.