I think the Dubble bar I bought at an OxFam (secondhand charity shop) in Cambridge was the cheapest fair trade chocolate I’ve ever come across. At 49 pence (about $1.00 when I was in England, now $0.77), it’s comparably priced with mass produced bars that aren’t so kind to their cacao growers.

Dubble was billed as “smooth milk chocolate crispy crunch” on its wrapper. Clearly Dubble is better at being socially conscious than it is at using correct grammar. The wrapper also promised that it would be “dubbly good,” possibly because the Dubble comes presegmented so that it’s easy to break in half, with each half stamped with the dubble facing B logo.

As you can see, my bar wasn’t in pristine shape when I unwrapped it, but it tasted wonderful. The crisped rice makes up a thin layer on the bottom, and it’s super crisp and crunchy. The ingredients say that the rice is caramelised. I didn’t notice any taste difference from that caramelization, but I think it was a crucial textural component.

The thick layer of chocolate is really what made this bar stand out. It was wonderfully creamy and thickly coated the inside of my mouth. And it tasted like really high quality cocoa, definitely better than the chocolate from comparably priced, mass produced chocolate bars. I would definitely buy this again (and wish I could). After all, how often do you find a bar that’s affordable, delicious, and fair trade? An OMG.