Don’t Ignore These Cleaning Tips If You Buy Vibrators

Useful Cleaning Tips for Vibrator Users

Using vibrators for the first time can make you second guess or even shy. However, experts regard it as a method to pleasure yourself which can help bring down anxiety and stress levels. 

However, it’s only when you buy vibrators that you start worrying about how to clean and store them. Cleaning a sex toy such as a vibrator that will come in direct contact with your genitals is important.

Using unclean vibrators and other sex toys can cause a variety of diseases and genital-related conditions. Fortunately, we have brought a few cleaning tips to help you out below!

Effective Cleaning Tips for Vibrator Users

Using vibrators can help you indulge in self-pleasuring activities more effectively and compassionately. You can reduce stress and anxiety by engaging in a short period of self-pleasure. However, using sex toys such as a vibrator comes at a price.

Before you use it, you have to ensure that it’s properly cleaned and kept in safe storage. Here are a few cleaning tips for vibrators. 

Use Clean Pouches and Storage Bags

First and foremost, store your vibrators in clean storage bags or better, clean (sterile) plastic pouches. Normally, you can buy dedicated pouches and storage bags from the same shop you buy vibrators from.

Putting them under the bed or somewhere in the drawer isn’t safe. Your vibrator could start collecting dust and other harmful substances. That can be quite dangerous if you continue using it that way. 

Use Sterile Cleaning Products

It’s best to use sterilizing methods or at least, cleaning products that will make your vibrators near-sterile. Using a sex toy such as vibrators that would come in direct contact with your genitals requires cleaning even if you just unpacked it. It has certainly passed several hands at the local or overseas factory.

Use Soap-Water Cleaning Combo

The title may have you wondering about a particular cleaning brand or product. However, you should know that even sex toys such as vibrators get cleaned easily with the help of a soap-water combo.

You can use lukewarm water and mix the soap in it. Then, you can use that to clean your vibrator and use a damp cloth to dry it. It’s preferable to air dry it in a safe environment.

Use Caution When Cleaning

When cleaning your vibrator for the first time, check if it’s waterproof or water-resistant. Such vibrators won’t experience any damage when cleaned with water or even submerged in it for a short period. However, not reading the label and submerging a non-waterproof vibrator in water could damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

How often should you clean your vibrator?

Every time you use your vibrator, make sure you clean it before putting it back in its place.

Can you place a condom over the vibrator?

Most of the time, it’s safe to place a condom over the vibrator before using it.