Different Kinds of Tiles You Should Think About Using for Your Home 

When you’re decorating your home or business, you might think about using tiles for the floors and walls. They come in various examples and sizes to match any reason and they are not difficult to introduce and clean.

In any case, tile shopping is really muddled in light of the fact that today, there are a considerable amount of tile decisions to browse tekno-step.com. If you intend to use one of these options in a particular room or on a particular wall, you may want to be aware of the various advantages it offers. However, if you want the best tile for your home, visit GIB Tiling Perth, and they will provide you with the best they have to offer.

The following is a brief overview of the various kinds of tiles available for purchase and the information you need to know about them:

Ceramic Tiles

One of the oldest types of tiles still in use today, ceramic tiles are the most widely used tiles in many homes, offices, and businesses. White or red clay with a distinctive glaze is used to create patterns on the surface of these tiles. The mud will then be prepared inside an oven at high temperatures so the coating can meld well with the material.

Ceramic tiles are the best wall tile for bathrooms and kitchens because they last for a long time and are easy to keep clean. Due to its ease of installation and maintenance, it is also ideal for flooring.

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are renowned for their 0.5% water absorption capacity. The porcelain’s materials and manufacturing process are to blame for its absorption quality. Porcelain is made by baking fine clay at a higher temperature until it hardens and becomes heavy. Because of this, they are effective for both floors and walls.

Porcelain tiles come in two sorts.

The most widely available type of porcelain tile is glazed porcelain tiles. Like artistic tiles, coated porcelain tiles have coat designs that copy different plans like wood, normal stone, or marble. These examples won’t disappear effectively even from water, wear, and stains. Consequently, it is excellent for home use.

Unglazed porcelain, in the meantime, doesn’t have a coat in them which gives it a more extravagant variety. They are additionally solid, making them the best tile to use for occupied regions like bars, shops, and kitchens. At home, it will look perfect in lounge rooms and kitchen floors.


The Antiquated Greeks and Romans were the first individuals to present mosaics in quite a while and workmanship. Mosaics are an assortment of little tiles organized in a specific example. Whenever it is put on a wall or floor, it is stuck down with grout. The final image will be visible when you examine the finished product.

Mosaic tiles are produced using either stone, fired, rocks, glass, or porcelain. Additionally, it comes in a variety of shapes to make it easier for designers to create images without having to cut the pieces themselves.

Mosaic tiles are typically applied to walls and other locations requiring additional support. You can use them, for instance, between the sink and the shower.


Encaustic tiles were created in Victorian times and utilized six different shaded specks of dirt so individuals can make a wide range of examples. The handcrafted patterns that come with some of these floor tiles enhance the surface effects. This is the tile to get if you want to give your floors and homes a classic look.


Did you know that cement can be used to make tiles as well? Concrete tiles are made of restored concrete that is shaped into tiles. Since its introduction at the turn of the 20th century, many people adored it for their warm appearance and handmade patterns. It is ideal to involve these tiles for little spaces in light of their plan.

Natural Stone 

Walls and floor tiles made of natural stones have been in use for thousands of years. They are suitable for rooms where you want to show some class and luxury because they are made from quarried stones like quartz and marble. However, these tiles can be quite pricey and must be installed with care.

Fortunately, you can use tiles that look like natural stone as an alternative. Like natural stone tiles, they are made of synthetic materials that are also long-lasting.


At long last, earthenware tiles are ideal for individuals hoping to add some rural contacts to their homes. It is made of special clay that is either dried naturally in the sun or baked in a kiln. However, the longer it is used, the more prone it is to stains and wear.

Due to their variety, Final Words 

Tiles are a great way to add style to your floors and walls. In any case, before you shop, investigate as needs be about them and check in the event that it will match your room’s necessities impeccably.