Das Caramels Chai Latte

I had previously enjoyed reviewing the classic version of the Das Caramelini caramels, and Alicia and Joanna liked the lemon & honey and ginger & pistachio, respectively. When Das Foods sent even more caramel flavors for us to review, I was quite excited to get to try the Chai Latte.

The spices that comprise Chai tea can vary. In the case of these caramels, they were cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Mmm. These caramels smelled quite fragrant and delicious. Like the classic caramels I had gotten to taste earlier, they were slightly greasy to the touch but smooth and creamy in the mouth. I love how Das really gets the texture right – the caramel is soft and pliable. It’s just enough to get a little stuck in your teeth, but not so much that you’re still picking caramel out of your teeth ten minutes later.

The salt taste in these is strong, and I’m not quite sure how much I liked the combination of chai and salty. The first one I tasted was too heavily salted and spiced, and I was still tasting chai tea in my throat ten minutes later. It made me not want to keep tasting these.

But because I love candy, I tried them again the next day and didn’t have the same issues. I think the first one I ate was just a bad luck flavoring anomaly. Still, I don’t quite love the salted chai flavor, and I prefer the salted classic caramels to this chai latte flavor. I gave the salted classic an OMG; these warrant an OM. But I’ll still polish off this box, even if it doesn’t disappear as quickly as my classic box did.

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