Classification of the Slots- A Complete Guide

Are you planning to make online slots the source of earning a livelihood? In this case, the decision will prove to be the best one in the long run. However, the rules of the games are simple; a person needs to have the basic details of the games. 

There are a variety of slots that are available for the people. The variation in the slot also impacts the winning on judi slot online. Now we will discuss the various slots based on some categories:

Paylines are mainly the middle line of the slot machines. The players’ winning chances depend on the combination of the symbols that will appear on the paylines of the machines. Let us look at the various types of slots:

  • Single Payline

Old slot machines used to have just a single payment in the middle of the machine. These types of slot machines are like attraction for people as they provide high winning chances to the players

  • Multi Payline Slots

With time, the modern slot machine contains paylines that are more in number. It provides the option to the players to place a bet on the occurrence of more outcomes at the point of time.

  • 100 Payline Slots

These are the latest versions of the slot machines. The players get the advantage of the wild cards at the maximum rate on the slot machines that contain 100 payline slots.

  • Based On the RTP

Return to the players is mainly the amount of winning that the players will get after keeping the profit of the casinos. There is variation in the RTP that is normally present in the various machines.

  • High RTP Slots

Some machines provide the player with a high RTP. As a result, these machines generally have better chances of winning the bets in online casinos.

  • Lower RTP

The machines with an RTP range of 95 or less are considered the ones with the lower RTP. If the RTP goes beyond 80%, then the level of the risk increases.

  • Features as the Factor

The classification of the slot is also based on the unique features that it provides. So, let us look at the various features:

  • Wild Slots

Wild symbols are the special symbols that give the players a high chance of winning. The number of the wild card that the payline will contain, the more will be winning chances.

  • Free Spin Slot

Usually, people love to play free games. The free spin slot allows the option for the players to spin the reels for the specific time for free. The bet amount in the free spin is based on the bet amount before the free bet.


The classification of the slots is not only on a single criterion. A person needs to analyze the slot games properly, and then only he can get a clear picture of the same. A platform like a slot gacor provides all the kinds of slots to the players.