CBD for a better and healthier life

Purchasing CBD oil online is entirely legal in the UK and Europe, and there are no repercussions. 

However, precisely because of its free marketing, distinguishing quality products from poor ones could take time if you are not an expert in the field. 

Pay attention to the origin and cultivation of the plant before buying the oil. The raw material is essential. If it’s certified hemp, it’s even better.

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How to find the correct CBD oil dosage

The cannabinoid system varies from subject to subject: it goes without saying that, in the same way, CBD oil is necessary to alleviate specific problems. 

The most suitable solution for determining the CBD oil dosage more suited to personal needs plans to start the treatment with a dose at a lower concentration and then gradually increase it until the desired effects are obtained.

It is, therefore, preferable for those who have never taken cannabis to start treatment with a CBD dosage of 5mg several times a day to understand the response from the body. If the effects are not as expected, it will be possible to increase the dose to 10mg, gradually increasing until relief and well-being are found. 

On the other hand, chronic users can proceed with a high dosage of about 25mg, subsequently adjusting the quantities.

The body tends to respond differently to this stimulus, which is why it is essential to be aware that patience plays a fundamental role in this type of therapy: testing dosages and noting the effects for a relatively prolonged time allows one to quickly find the most suitable solution for your body, thus benefiting from all the advantages offered by the therapy.

Depending on the problem to be treated, the dosage of CBD oil can vary significantly: however, there are concentrations of CBD that, although indicative, can alleviate many ailments:

  • Chronic pain: can be treated with a dosage of 2.5 to 20mg for about 25 days;
  • Motor problems related to Huntington’s disease: in this case, the recommended dosage is equal to 10 mg/kg for 6 weeks;
  • Sleep disturbances: they require 40 to 160mg depending on the extent of the problem;
  • Glaucoma: from 20 to 40mg maximum because an excessive dosage could negatively affect the eye pressure, aggravating the problem.

How to vaporise CBD oil

Between methods most used about the intake of CBD oil, vaporisation is particularly appreciated: utilising a vaporiser, cannabidiol reaches the lungs directly, spreading in the blood without having to pass through the liver or intestine, reaching, in this case, a bioavailability that is attested around 50/60%.

This means that using the vaporisation can obtain the same effects found by taking it orally but with a significantly lower CBD concentration. Another advantage of vaporisation is defined by the so-called “action time”, which is reduced compared to the intake that involves any digestive process. If vaporised, the CBD oil begins to act according to a time frame that can vary from 30 to 60 minutes before compared to oral intake: a factor not to be underestimated that makes this method particularly appreciated, often to a greater extent than the sublingual application of oil.

Using the vaporiser is relatively simple: the oil is introduced into a small tank by means of cotton and heated to perfectly adjustable low temperatures to keep its characteristics and properties intact. 

A light vapour is therefore generated, ready to be inhaled, with a light consistency and a characteristic flavour, peculiarities that make the “smoke” even more pleasant.

It is, therefore, a versatile, discreet device which can be used anywhere and with the utmost discretion because the dispensing does not cause any odour, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of the marijuana, significantly amplifying its effects.

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