Dating for Lesbians

Casual Dating for Lesbians: Important Steps and Aspects

People say that hookup culture is something new. They are wrong. Why? Because casual dating isn’t new. In the past, people simply weren’t as vocal about it. Also, niche dating sites for casual flings didn’t exist.

That made getting hookups a bit tricky.

And today, everyone can find someone for a one-night stand, which causes problems.

With casual dating being the goal for so many single girls, it’s easy to become too excited and skip some steps that might ruin your night under the sheets.

Understanding Consent

Even though ladies usually have fewer problems with consent than men, it’s still vital to remind you about its importance. Not respecting someone’s boundaries can hurt them for life, and destroying another person for a few minutes of pleasure shouldn’t be something anyone is willing to do.

And consent is never final. Past consent doesn’t mean present or future consent. Also, ask for permission to do something on dating sites as well.

If you join a local lesbian hookup site, don’t just send nudes around (some girls on the site do that). Instead, use live chat to connect with girls in the area and ask before sending hot photos. Even if you’re the hottest gay girl ever, some might want to ask your name before seeing you naked.

Every girl is different, so don’t expect everyone to have identical boundaries. That’s why communication is always the key to every relationship

Navigating Online Platforms

Almost everyone looking for hookups in the modern world does so online. It’s easy to browse people, it’s easy to chat with dozens of singles, and it’s easy to arrange hookups. It’s easy to forget what your bed looks like because you wake up next to the new hot girl every morning.

But is that true?

Of course not. Some people who create profiles on dating sites never get a single date.

Here are some of the most common reasons (we’ll focus on lesbian dating for obvious reasons):

  • Wasting time on heterosexual platforms (niche sites work much better)
  • Looking for hookups on sites for serious dating
  • Not uploading a profile photo
  • Writing descriptions that make them look BORING
  • Waiting for other girls to make moves
  • Waiting too long before meeting in person
  • Expecting immediate results from every site
  • Creating profiles on too many gay dating platforms
  • Wasting time on girls who live far away (local sites work much better)

Safety First

Do you know another activity celebrated today even more than hooking up? Drinking! And no, that’s not exciting. That’s dangerous. Alcohol doesn’t only blur our vision, but it blurs our minds. And a drunk person is easy to control.

So if you have to drink on a date, stop at one or two drinks.

Always let your friends know where you’re going, with whom, and when you expect to return. And never ignore your guts. If you feel like something is off, it probably is. To ensure you get as few awkward first dates as possible – arrange them at public places like bars, coffee shops, parks, etc.

Hookups with someone you’ve just met (online or offline) should always happen in a hotel or a motel. Never, ever, ever, at your place. Never.

Choosing the Right Environment

We know the previous point might feel like too much, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can meet 50 great girls who won’t return and rob you, but girl 51 might be an alien and steal all you have.

Choosing the right environment for lesbian hookups provides more than safety.

Girls need to be in the mood for anything to happen. And getting in the mood is easier on a king-size bed than on a bench in a park.

For dates that might lead to those hookups, always check if the place you’re going to is LGBTQ+ friendly to avoid any awkward situations.

Staying Informed and Empowered

Do you know who’s impossible to control? Someone who has the correct info and the ability to think. Most people go through life swallowing what people put before them. Instead of being a passive consumer, it’s better to be an active information seeker.

And no, that’s not nearly as tiring as it sounds.

Besides educating yourself with recognized books, articles and documentaries, watch some of the best lesbian shows and movies on Netflix; it still counts. They show the struggles and challenges gay girls face. But they also show how much fun empowered women can have if they aren’t afraid to go for what they want.

With the tips from this article, you’re ready to keep sailing the ocean of casual lesbian dating. But from now on, you’ll feel safer. And you’ll find many more safe ports if you implement the tips.