Chewy Atomic Fireball - Review

Chewy Atomic Fireball Candy: A Hot Take!

When you’re 8 years old, Atomic Fireball is a mystical candy. They’re intriguing, yet terrifying. At that age, being able to polish off a whole fireball is an impressive task. I was not that impressive as a kid.   Now they come in smaller, chewy form, which makes them much more manageable, size-wise, at least….

Narbles Candy Review

Narbles: Chewy Fruit Slammers! [Review]

I found these Narbles at the grocery store in the candy display near what used to be the video rental area. I had never heard of Narbles, but the bag was super cheap so I decided to give them a try. WTF is a Narble? Narbles are made by Ferrera, the company behind Lemonheads. This…