Can You Play In A Foreign Casino In Sweden And How?

In an effort to prevent gambling addiction and create a secure gambling market, the Swedish government has put certain policies in place aimed at controlling the industry. While the restrictions were slightly loosened in recent years, the authorities are still very strict about this when compared to most other countries. The monopoly that the state had on gambling, given that Svenska Spel was the only company that could offer this option to people, has ended in 2019, but private operators still have to be approved and licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Read more on why they are so strict about it.

To the average person, the restrictions may sometimes feel a bit over the top, and a lot of people could believe that the government is basically overstepping its bounds by pretty much telling people what they can and what they cannot do with their own money. Even so, the government claims that their goal is much more altruistic and that they are doing this so as to prevent people from developing gambling problems and additions. That’s why, even though the monopoly is no longer in place, there are still restrictions people need to adhere to when playing in a Swedish online casino.

The restrictions are, among other things, related to the amount of money that can be deposited into people’s online casino accounts, preventing them from spending all of their money on those games and then possibly not having enough to pay for their most basic necessities. While this restriction was meant to be used only a couple of months during the pandemic, when there was a spike in gambling behavior, the Swedish government decided to extend it. Who knows when all the restrictions will be lifted, if ever.

Trying to help cure the problem of playing on slot machines without even knowing how much you’re spending, the three-second rule was instituted, i.e. a three-second pause between spins. Furthermore, only casinos that are licenses in Sweden are allowed to offer welcoming bonuses, since the authorities feel that those bonuses could actually lure people into making accounts and continuing to use them even after they’ve spent a lot of money already. While all of these restrictions seem to be coming from a good place, they can be rather frustrating for people who have some money to spare and who enjoy trying their luck out occasionally without putting their finances in danger.

Some of them have found their solution in foreign casinos, and this is how those are licensed:


Can You Play In A Foreign One?

If you’re in that group of people who would love to try their luck out sometimes, and who don’t appreciate the government’s efforts of controlling your finances and basically telling you if you can do something or not, then you’ve probably searched for alternatives already. During those searches, you might have come across the option of playing in a foreign casino, i.e. in a casino without a Swedish license. Gaining this knowledge has made you wonder. Can you do this as well and, more importantly, should you?

If you’re worried about breaking the law by doing it, stop. It actually happens to be legal to play on those foreign online gambling websites, and it’s making a lot of people quite happy, since they have an easy way of avoiding all those restrictions imposed in Swedish-licensed ones. Just because they aren’t licensed in Sweden, though, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t regulated at all. Different authorities are regulating them, and that can put your mind at ease, since you’ll know that playing at those sites is safe, even though the Swedish authorities aren’t the ones that have licensed them.

As mentioned, the question is whether you should actually play in these foreign casinos, and here’s my answer. If you don’t have a gambling problem and you’re frustrated at the restrictions that you have to adhere to despite that, then you should definitely give those foreign casinos a chance. It’s clear that they are safe and that they are regulated by one authority or another. It just isn’t the Swedish Gambling Authority, meaning that you’ll get the benefits of receiving sign up bonuses, deciding on how much you want to deposit all alone, as well as getting some other awards and benefits of playing on such sites. So, why not try them out?

How To Do That?

How can you try them out, though? Is it difficult to find a casino like this while browsing the Web in Sweden, or is it easy to do so? And, more importantly, how can you really find and choose the bästa utländska casino to play at? Are there more options at all, or are you limited to just a few of those, forced to choose among a couple of them that you don’t really like? Important questions right there, so let’s give you the answers.

First off, finding foreign casinos in Sweden is certainly not difficult, and you won’t be limited to just a few options. You’ll have a wide array of those to choose from, which will give you the opportunity to select the one you believe is best and you’ll definitely like. The most significant question is, however, how to find that best one, i.e. that bästa utländska casino? It might not be easy, but you’ll manage. And here’s how.

Check legitimacy before doing anything else, because playing at shady websites could lead to getting scammed and losing all of the money you’ve deposited, which is not what you want. After you’ve checked out legitimacy, possibly with the help of some sites that aim at reviewing those foreign casinos and getting you familiar with the best ones, you’ll have to go into a bit more details and start researching the actual games that you’ll be able to play at particular casinos. You could have some favorite games already, and you’ll want to find those. Apart from that, check the withdrawal methods, so as to be sure that you can get the money you earn this way.