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Boosting Engagement on YouTube with High-Quality Video Content

If you’ve already spent hours watching YouTube videos today, that’s totally fine. The average person spends almost 24 hours per month on the platform, and millions of people spend far more time than that.
Of course, the viewership data can’t account for people who fall asleep listening to music or watching videos and those who are just using it for background noise, which underscores a critical point: Views aren’t everything.
Getting 10,000 views from a highly engaged audience who will take action is tremendously better than having a million views from an audience that won’t even comment.
Here are six essential ways to boost your Austin video production engagement rate with high-quality video content.

1. React to current trends.

It sounds cliché, but trends really do help brands connect with their audiences. There are two main reasons for this:
YouTube users are already looking for content related to the trend on their own, so it’s easier to get them interested in your content.
The trend is already popular, and people are likely to share it with their friends or family, which will spread your message further.
Plus, you won’t have to think of a new idea or topic—just check out what everyone else is doing and put your unique spin on it.
If a trend is related to your industry or has a particularly profound impact on your target audience, one of the video types that gets the highest engagement (and is easiest to make) is the “experts react” video.
For instance, a YouTube channel geared toward tech gurus might create a reaction video to the latest iPhone. These videos garner lots of shares and comments and encourage their viewers to listen to everything the subject says (a.k.a., the most important measures of engagement).

2. Work with other channels and creators.

People tend to judge one another on a single point of reference. Called the halo effect, this cognitive bias describes why we’re so quick to like the people who our friends introduce to us.
Working with other YouTubers gives you exposure to their audience, which collectively stands a much better chance of checking out your content (and loving it) because they’ve already been pre-sold on it by someone they trust.
Alternatively, you can host other creators on your channel. When they promote their new content with you, they will send their viewers your way, which can also give you a considerable boost in engagement.
After working with dozens of other creators, you’ll establish a network of support, which is incredibly beneficial in the long run.

3. Interact with your viewers whenever you can.

As you grow your YouTube channel, you won’t be able to talk to everyone. But replying to a comment takes as little as a few seconds, and it’s a form of reciprocity that goes a long way.
Here are a few tips for viewer interaction:
Reply to comments that steer the conversation in a positive direction.
Answer questions and provide additional information when it’s requested (especially if you don’t already have a blog post or FAQ page available).
Ask them questions about their industry, personal experiences, or anything pertinent to your video.
Talk to them about future content they’d like to see from you and your brand.
Remember: The less your viewers feel they’re being “influenced,” the more influential your content actually is.

4. Create content with an emotional trigger.

Your goal should be to create content that people can relate to, something that resonates with them on an emotional level – especially when you want to increase engagement.
Your content should tell a story that compels your viewers to take action. It could be an inspiring story that motivates them to do something or an entertaining video that makes them laugh out loud.
Try creating videos about real-life experiences, funny anecdotes, or even your own personal journey. You can also use humor and satire to draw attention and make your viewers take notice.

5. Film YouTube Shorts.

We know, YouTube Shorts looks a bit familiar to TikTok…but that’s because the format works. But one platform’s content can easily be used for the other, and that’s why it works. YouTube Shorts now earns more than 30 billion daily views, and its popularity continues to grow.
If you want more engagement on YouTube, take part in the trend by creating 15-second videos with catchy music and visuals that draw attention. You can also collaborate with other creators to produce Shorts that stand out from the crowd.

6. Work with a YouTube video service.

A YouTube video service can help you craft your message, deliver it in a way that resonates with viewers, and increase engagement through targeted campaigns.
These services can also help you optimize your video content for search engines, create captions and subtitles, and make sure you’re following YouTube’s guidelines.
Even those who are highly attached to their business and personal brand use agencies and third-party services to take their YouTube engagement to the next level.
Final Thoughts
By following these tips, you can make sure your video content is engaging and that it reaches its maximum potential on the YouTube platform. With the right content and a bit of creativity, you can increase your YouTube engagement and give yourself a larger audience to reach. All you have to do is get started.