Blommer Pure Milk Chocolate and Pure Milk Chocolate with Almonds

I got these Blommer bars in my American Chocolate Week giveaway bag: one of pure milk chocolate and the other of pure milk chocolate with almonds.

The pure milk chocolate bar was extremely snappy. It was slow to melt in my mouth, but once it did, it was incredibly thick and coated the entirety of my mouth.

It tasted of rich caramel with a slightly too sweet finish. Even though it was a tad too sweet for my taste, I still found it quite good for a milk chocolate bar. An OM.

The pure milk chocolate with almonds bar had the same milk chocolate base. The addition of the almonds let it take on a whole new depth.

The almonds were raw (I think they were unroasted?) and nutty and made for a nice addition to the milk chocolate. Another OM.