Blog Action Day Winner and a Fun Event for Bostonites

I hereby declare Knile winner of my Blog Action Day Contest. NOT because his comment was the longest, but because

a) it was a fact I didn’t already know

b) I loved the crazy juxtoposition/trade-off. You can have clean water to drink and all its associated benefits, but we’re also going to market sugary, potentially obesity-causing sugary sodas to you. Is that ironic? I’m afraid to declare it so…

Here’s his fact, reproduced below:

“I was going to leave this comment before I saw the bit about the Sour Patch Kids? My mind was blown a little, if that?s possible, recently when I learned how important PepsiCo and other corporations that seem Evil & Dangerous are to providing clean water around the world. I wish I could find a source for my first reading this (let?s be honest, it was probably MetaFilter), but the gist is that to make Pepsi anywhere, you need clean water. PepsiCo wants to sell its products, and it?ll do what it can to get the necessary materials. Helping out people in developing nations is a nice side effect of that. A little googling provides this from PepsiCo:

In other news, the Taza Chocolate Factory is offering a special Trick or Treat tour this Saturday! I can’t find mention of it online, but details were in their email newsletter, reproduced below:

“We’re celebrating our first Halloween at the Taza Factory Store. Come down to 561 Windsor Street on Saturday [October 30] from 11am – 5pm for Taza Trick or Treat Day!”

They’ll have free deep, dark espresso-style hot chocolate and some limited-edition Halloween treats for sale. And adults and kids who come in costume get a free treat. Sounds like a fun Saturday outing!