Best practices for designing and building exhibition stands and displays

A great exhibition stand is a great way to convey your message and attract new attendees or increase sales. The Exhibition needs to be well-equipped to perform the desired task and to excel at the task. The concept needs to be right for the product, and the lighting, the design, and the event selection affect your exhibition performance. Some would rather go for an Exhibition stand hire, while others would prefer to create a stand that is personal to their brand. Before choosing the option that best suits your preference, here are some factors to consider.

Objective Definition

The reason for requiring a stand should be at the forefront of choosing the design. What is the stand going to be used for primarily? Will it be used for sales generation by attracting new customers, networking, or promoting to existing clientele? Will the stand be used for product research by introducing surveys in a new market by gathering the opinion of those attending the event? The stand can also be used for product launches and expanding into the new market by showcasing the product and creating brand awareness. The objective of the stand should be considered and designed accordingly.

Space, Size and Usage

The space allocation at the event will vary differently depending on the hall and the number of stands present. Carefully using the allocated space to the maximum without having too much clutter is important. A visitor to the stand needs to immediately notice the product and not have too much information or other products on their face. A simple yet effective and elegant display will attract people to the stand. Having a contractor design the space for you and create a stand can make the difference between making new appointments and having another eventless day.

Target Audience

Who is the stand going to target during the Exhibition? The type of clients the organization deals with dictates how the Exhibition will be structured and delivered. An official stand for a business, such as a legal or financial institution, will take a more formal approach with ambiance display and lighting. The stand will be designed differently than a gaming or electronics stand, with more colorful and vibrant lighting. The type of event also determines which group will be more prevalent to visit the stands. Having a design that leans towards the type of crowd present will be key to increasing visitors to the stand.

Message Placement

The brand images, colour, and motto are the first things anyone will see through the crowd. Key color schemes for the brand should be used all around the stand and be visible like a flag high above the rest. The key idea behind the Exhibition should be placed on readable surfaces and be visible to anyone passing by. Large letters in good font on a blank surface catch the eye faster than complicated designs. Ensure the brand is consistent in different events.


Fun and interaction are almost all most will remember when leaving an exhibition. The urge to want to know more about the product or the brand can be fulfilled through having a very engaging session. Interacting with the product through technologies such as Virtual Reality and having time with the product by using it in a demonstration with the visitors can increase the required sales or response. Immerse the people who walk to the stand into the world of the product to make it more effective. Games and competitions with prizes can also attract more traffic to the stand, and keeping them waiting and walking around also improves the chances of questions and purchases.

Having a great stand does not mean the deal is sealed. The team you have to represent the product should also be top-notch. The team will interact with anyone who walks to the stand and should have in-depth knowledge of the product, the brand, and the organization behind it. Interacting with the visitors should be simple and effective yet friendly. The targets of the Exhibition should be well defined, be it sales, information gathering or surveys to be handed out.

Finally, what does the client have to remember about the Exhibition or brand? Handing out gift bags to those who asked about the product, purchased, or interacted with the staff is a simple way to increase engagement and traffic to the stand. Word of mouth spreads fast in such situations, especially about gifts. It should be something that will not be thrown away immediately or be too valuable for the Exhibition’s expense.