Best Halloween Wines

Best Halloween Wines

Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. What better way to celebrate Halloween when you’re too old for trick or treating than by hosting a grown-up Halloween party with plenty of snacks and themed wine to go with them?

If you’re looking for some freakish themed wines to lift up the spirits at your party, we have prepared the best Halloween wines. Read on to see our recommendations for some of the most unique red, white wines and sparklers to fit your spooky gathering. 

Blood Red Wines for Halloween

There’s nothing more signature for the spooky season than a bottle of bright blood red wine. Red wines usually have more notes of spice which can be quite warming in the cooler autumn months. 

A cheap red can be the perfect base to make themed cocktails or mulled wine, but if you are a wine lover that appreciates the drink by itself a finer red is also a great choice. Here are some of the most iconic red wines for Halloween:   

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

With the tagline “Sip the blood of the vine”, it would be hard to find a better Halloween themed wine than this one. Made by the eccentric Vampire Vineyards from blood red Cabernet grapes grown in Mt Veeder, Napa Valley, this full-bodied red will be the star of the show at any Halloween party. 

The deep red Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon features rich aromas of ripe plums, velvety mocha and blackberry that develop into ripe dark cherry and dark fruits.The finishing notes have hints of spicy oak and warm cocoa, perfect for the chilly autumn season. 

Armida ‘Poizin Reserve’

Made from Zinfandel grapes from Dry Creek Valley, California, this Reserve Halloween themed red is truly “to die for”. With a bold, deep plum colour and extravagant packaging, Armida’s Poizin is one of the most iconic wines you can sip while the kids are out trick and treating.  

The prominent notes here include raspberry, blackberries and mocha, with a rich velvety texture and jammy flavours of blueberry, strawberry and red currant. The hits of Petite Sirah added to the blend, contribute with spicy notes of black pepper, vanilla and oak. 

Charles Smith ‘The Velvet Devil’

This velvety Washington Merlot is a delight to drink any day of the year, but can be an even more enjoyable treat on Halloween night. Deemed as a crowd-pleaser wine, this red is an easy option to entertain everyone at your party. 

Staying true to its name, this smooth, velvety Merlot offers decadent flavours of black fruits, with notes of tobacco and blackcurrant. This rich blend has the perfect combination of deepness and balance in flavours. 

Ghostly Whites

If red isn’t your style, perhaps a ghostly white wine would be more of an interest. For all the white wine enthusiasts out there here are a couple of the most unique white Halloween wines: 

Ghost Pines Chardonnay

Inspired by the willowy pines that surround the Ghost Pines Vineyard, located on the eastern side of Napa Valley, this eerie Chardonnay delivers crisp aromas of fresh apples. Combined with enticing creamy textures and a lasting finish, this medium-bodied white is will do the trick at any Halloween themed gathering. 

Elm Creek Vineyards Ghostly White Chardonnay

Another great Halloween themed wine to serve at your party is this Ghostly White Chardonnay by the winemakers of Elm Creek Vineyards. 

This thrilling Chardonnay is full or fresh, crisp fruit forward flavours with defined notes of melon, citrus and apples.If you’re looking for a white wine to give your guests the chills then this one will definitely go down a treat.  

Chilling Sparkling Wines and Rosé

For those who are truly on the untraditional side when it comes to choosing wine, there’s no better choice for a Halloween wine than an electrifying sparkling wine or rosé. If you’re seeking the thrill of a fresh bubbly on All-Hallows-Eve then here are some of the best Halloween inspired sparkling wines:  

The Supernatural ‘The Super Nat’ Pét-Nat

This ‘petillant naturel’ style sparkling from the winemakers at Supernatural in New Zealand is a truly unique choice for your Halloween party. 

Naturally cloudy and dry, this chilling sparkling wine features floral notes balanced with fruity flavours and a toasty biscuity finish. This wine is naturally fermented in the bottle so you may notice some sediments remaining at the bottom. 

Chill and carefully decant before drinking to enjoy it clear. 

Orin Swift ‘China Doll’ Rosé

This pale ruby rosé may be inspired by 80s horror films with evil dolls, but it’s actually a happy, vibrant blend of Syrah and Grenache. 

This light fruity rosé opens up with notes of juicy strawberries, cherries and a hint of blackberry. The finish brings out more of the mineral nature of this wine with flavours of candied watermelon and aromas of fresh roses.   

Magula Oranzovy Vlk ‘Orange Wolf’

Oranzovy Vlk or ‘Orange Wolf’ is a well-balanced, refreshing Cuvee made by the artisan winemakers at Magula. This unique sparkling wine is certified as Organic, unfiltered, spontaneously fermented, biodynamic and with no added sulfites. 

The extravagant orange colour is reminiscent of candy corn and pumpkins, and the flavour profile adds to the autumnal feel with notes of spice and an extraordinary zesty nose that is close to the smell of pine needles. The secondary notes are a bit more on the exotic side with flavour of kiwi and kumquat fruit that develop into a beautifully fresh finish. 

Choosing the Best Wine for Your Halloween Party

If you need help with choosing the best wines for your Halloween party, the best thing to do is turned to a specialised wine retailer. Online wine stores like Mr Wheeler Wine are the perfect place to find unique wines for your party. With a wide range of reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines from some of the world’s most renowned winemakers, you certainly won’t be stuck for choice.