fifth Wheel trailer hitch

Benefits of a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Choosing the correct type of RV is essential for any RVer.But selecting the RV type depends on how you are going to use it. Another factor is how you will travel and how big your family will be staying most of the time inside the RV.?

In this sense, the fifth wheel trailer is mainly used by RVers because of its maneuverability and ease of use compared to big motorhomes. But how does a regular pickup truck carry a massive RV on long trips? Well, it is with the great help of a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. In this article, we will enlighten you on the benefits of having a fifth-wheel trailer hitch.

What is a fifth-wheel trailer hitch??

A fifth wheel trailer hitch is a part that is placed in the bed of the pickup truck. The shape resembles that of a horseshoe, only that it is large and a flat plate. There are also metal rails beneath the hitch attached to the frame of the pickup truck for strength. Hence, the trailer and the RV connect via a kingpin. A kingpin is a downward-facing pin that locks the two massive structures’ connection while allowing it to pivot to accommodate turns.?


Now that you know the function of a fifth-wheel trailer hitch, let us now lay down the benefits you can get from it as an RVer.?

Better Stability

If you are using a ball hitch with your RV, you will notice that it does not provide lateral stability along the way. But with a fifth-wheel trailer hitch, you will experience better stability that will give you peace of mind. The reason for this beautiful stability is because the trailer and the tow vehicle are locked in together but can still allow minor and significant turns.?

Hauling Capacity

Since the truck and the RV is mounted closer to the center of gravity, you can carry more weight along the way. But you will notice that it is easier to move around even in tight spaces because it pivots as you turn. In this sense, you can carry more loads without worrying if your truck can handle the load as you move along the road.?

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about carrying in some appliances or extra things that you need that sometimes add up to the vehicle’s weight load. So far, the ease and convenience that the fifth wheel hitch is giving are to the roof.?

Easier to Maneuver

As we have mentioned earlier, the fifth-wheel trailer hitch can allow movements with ease and convenience. In this sense, you don’t have to worry about traveling. Most of the time a driver’s concern is about tight parking lots and curved and winding roads. With this hitch, you will find it easier to maneuver like you are not towing anything at all.

Tips in Installing A Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch

Now that you know about how unique a fifth-wheel hitch is, we know you are itching to buy one for yourself. Of course, we won’t just leave you with the enlightenment! The following are some tips on how you should install a fifth-wheel trailer hitch to your truck.?

What you need to do BEFORE installation

  • Use a hitch installation kit that is specifically designed for your truck model instead of the universal equipment. This is to avoid drilling any unnecessary holes in your truck. Also, you may opt to consult your owner’s manual to see if there are any recommendations as to which specific part of the car you are going to install.?
  • Measure the height setting from the ground to the kingpin, then from the floor to the truck bed.
  • Secure a 5-6 inches clearance between the fifth wheel and the back of the truck.?

What you need to do DURING the installation

  • Know where to position the hitch rails, then drill the bolts and attach them to the truck.?
  • Set up the hitch with the guide of the manufacturer’s instructions.?
  • Tighten the bolts for safety.?


Ease and convenience as an RVer are essential. Since the RV community is growing, RV needs manufacturers to keep evolving to supply the preferred solution for RV convenience.?

Now that you have known the benefit of a fifth-wheel trailer hitch install one and have a wonderful RV trip ahead.?