Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Looking for clients, searching for money and increasing brand’s awareness are the main  problems of entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing is a good tool for promotion if you don’t have  enough strength, money and time to build your business alone. 

In this article you can learn a summary of them. 

The best affiliate programs for beginners: 

▪ 1xBet (over 700 thousand people visit this online casino platform every day) ▪ 1Win (this platform brings 50% of the revenue from the attracted player and up to $200  from each lead) 

▪ Parimatch (this gambling brand attracts customers from 15 countries) 

▪ PokerStars (the largest online poker platform will help you to make x10 of your  income) 

▪ BetWinner (this bookmaker’s affiliate program brings you 40% of the profit from an  attracted user) 

▪ Bwin (this affiliate program can bring you 35% of the revenue from attracted users) ▪ William Hill (the company’s reputation and brand awareness can easily attract new  users) 

▪ Bitstarz (this affiliate program will bring up to 40% of the amount lost by the user  you’ve attracted)

▪ Betmaster (one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, it can bring up to  60% of the revenue the company receives from attracted customers) 

Use the best affiliate programs for beginners if you you need: 

to increase sales 

to reduce marketing costs 

to improve your reputation 

to increase brand’s visibility 

to occupy a niche in a new area 

to expand the range of products 

to enter a new customers’ segment 

to strengthen the brand through cooperation with well-known companies 

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy of cooperation among a seller and other companies to  advertise their products. Any brand can reach a new audience and attract customers through an  affiliate network. Partners receive an additional source of income from their resources: a website,  a blog or social networks. 

Advantages of affiliate marketing: 

  • Profitable partnership. Your business gets access to new market players. ● End-to-end analytics. After launching partners’ activities, you can track conversions and  analyze which communication channels are more effective. 
  • Universal tool. Affiliate marketing is a method of promotion that is suitable for  companies with different levels of advertising budget. 
  • Simple startup. To start working with affiliate marketing, it is enough to choose an  affiliate platform and find a suitable offer. 

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing: 

o Difficult search for partners. 

o Unstable result. Affiliate marketing is an additional, not the main advertising tool. To get  a high result, you should buy an advertisement in the media. 

o High competition. 

o Damaged reputation. A partner company can ruin its reputation if it offers a low-quality  product to the loyal audience. 

Types of affiliate marketing: 

Unbound traffic arbitration. An intermediary uses advertising on social networks and  offers the seller’s resource where the potential audience can make a purchase. Trust affiliate marketing. An intermediary uses your blog, pages in social networks,  podcasts and videos, which create a reputation. 

Involved affiliate marketing. An intermediary advertises only those products that he is  sure about.

Affiliate marketing tools: 

  • links to the seller’s website 
  • coupons and promo codes 
  • graphic images 
  • email newsletters and messenger marketing 
  • social networks 
  • cross-selling 

Tips for beginners: 

If you decide to start working with affiliate marketing, then here are a few steps that will help  you: 

  1. Set measurable goals and target audience for the affiliate marketing program. 2. Draw up a partnership agreement. 
  2. Select key performance indicators for partners, organize a tracking system to analyze  results of advertising campaigns. 
  3. Follow the results and analyze the economic effect of your partnership program. 

Here are some statistics: 

Every second company uses affiliate marketing and this tool is the most successful channel for  20% of entrepreneurs.

Here are some examples of successful affiliate marketing: 

Tinkoff bank needed to increase transactional activity. The client has stopped buying something  actively, but there is money on the card. The bank started a partnership with a clothing store and  offered customers who are interested in this segment to make card transactions for 15,000 rubles  in exchange for a 10% discount in the store. 

Another example of successful affiliate marketing is about collaboration between a bookstore  and The workshop courses. Last summer the company of educational courses “Workshop” and  the bookstore “Read the City” have been cooperated for increasing its income. To those who  bought programming literature, the store sent letters with a discount on the Workshop courses. 

Around us there is more affiliate marketing than we can image. Maria came to the cookware  store and bought a frying pan, for which she was given a discount coupon to a nearby textile  store. Dmitry is subscribed to an autoblogger and goes to a car wash, which he advised in his  social networks. Svetlana buys books based on recommendations from the telegram channel,  

where there are many reviews and promo codes for discounts. All these people are united by the  fact that they got into affiliate marketing networks.