Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines – Bananas Foster

Monday’s review was of a Swiss pralin?. Today, we’ve got a different kind of praline: Aunt Sally’s Creamy Praline, Bananas Foster edition.

Like the last Aunt Sally’s praline that I reviewed, this one (and a third that will be reviewed on Friday) came courtesy of my roommate.

I enjoy real bananas just fine (though I don’t especially love them), but artificially flavored banana things scare me because they’re usually done rather poorly. Banana Runts? Terrifying!

The Bananas Foster praline smelled strongly of real, genuine bananas. A promising sign!

The praline had a soft, chewy texture that slowly cracked rather than snapped. The pecans were soft (as far as nuts go) and brought their pleasantly mild nuttiness to the praline.

The sugary portion of the praline tasted like real bananas, only much sweeter. Altogether, the Bananas Foster praline tasted like a nice, sweeter-than-usual banana nut bread.

Banana bread and bananas aren’t my personal favorites, so I’m only giving this an O. But I’m sure many would enjoy this (the friends that I shared it with did!).