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All You Need To Know About Maintaining Your Wig To Make It Last For Long

There is one thing that every wig user worries about whether people will identify them as wearing artificial hair or not. Nothing is more stressful than shopping at a mall or doing groceries while people stare at your hair as if they know it is not your natural hair.

First, not everyone staring at you is wondering about your wig. Second, whether people can identify your artificial hair or not entirely depends on how you maintain your hairpiece and how you take care of it while not in use. Therefore, we have brought together some valuable tips to keep your wig look fuller, natural, fresh, and long-lasting. Keep reading below.

Do not wear a wig all the time.

We do not mean that you should not wear your wig every day. You can, but do not use the same wig daily. Using a single wig for everyday use will lose its freshness, with faded colors, loose threads, and a messy overall appearance. Therefore, it is best to own more than one wig if you are a daily user. The less you use one wig, the longer it will stay fresh. 

Wash your wigs occasionally.

You very well know that washing your natural hair everyday makes them brittle, dries them out, and loses its softness and shine. The same is true with wigs, whether made of synthetic or natural human hair. Therefore, rotating your wigs, and washing them occasionally, is the key to making them last for more extended periods while maintaining their natural luster. Washing the human hair wig every seven to fourteen days is the best way to retain its originality,the hairstyle designer Monica from Unice

Invest in high-quality products to make your wigs last longer.

Washing your wig is reasonably necessary, but you need to check what products you use. So say it with us that not all shampoos and conditioners are made for washing human or synthetic hair wigs. Hence, the key to wig longevity is using the right products. For example, you can only clean your wigs with a shampoo or conditioner specially designed for wigs. Regular shampoos and hair products consist of harmful chemicals, which may make the wig lose its shine and luster over time. And the worst part? It can not even repair itself like natural hair! 

Proper wig washing is the secret!

With a wig, you cannot simply rub the shampoo on your scalp and expect new, beautiful-looking hair. Rubbing the wig vigorously will wear it out, and soon you will have to visit a hair salon to buy a new piece for yourself. Therefore, washing a wig requires some necessary steps, which are as follows:

  • Soak your wig in soapy water. 
  • When it gets thoroughly wet, comb the damp hair with the help of a tail comb. 
  • Do not massage the product on the wig, as it might leave the residue inside, causing permanent damage and clumped hair. 
  • Rinse your wig with warm water until all soap is washed away. 
  • Repeat the above steps when using the conditioner after shampooing your wig.
  • Use a detangling brush to comb the damp wig. Do not wait for the wig to dry, as combing an entirely dry wig is complicated. 

Never use a hairdryer on your wig.

After washing your wig, please do not use a hairdryer to dry it out ever. The harmful hot air from the dryer can cause permanent damage to your wig, whether it is made from human or synthetic hair. Air drying your wig is the best way to avoid any damage and make it last longer. Once your wig is completely dry, you can use styling products to create your desired style, specifically made for wigs. Traditional hair sprays and styling gels can cause a buildup of harmful residues inside your wig, making it appear greasy and dull. You would not want that, do you?

Carefully select the styling tools for your wigs. 

It is a known fact what styling tools do to your hair. The same is the case with wigs. Too much heat can instantly damage your wigs, especially those made of synthetic hair. The heat from your curler or straightener can even melt your synthetic wig. Therefore, it is essential to use non-heating tools to curl your wig. However, most wigs already come pre-styled, so you can select your preferred style when you visit the shop to buy a wig for yourself. 

Take off your wig before sleeping or showering.

At this point, you may ponder how to store your wig safely. Even if your wig feels light and great and comfortable, there is one thing you should not do while your wig is on: Sleeping. Tossing and turning is quite obvious in your sleep, which can tangle your wig, break its hair, and even lose its glossy appearance. Also, even if it is your no hair-washing day, do not forget to take your wig off before stepping into the shower. 

Keep the wig upright and covered.

Storing your wig correctly is also an excellent way to keep it fresh for a more extended period. Hence, make sure that you keep your wig in a cold room, away from any heating appliance, as heat and wigs are a dangerous combination to stay together. We recommend holding a small humidifier if you live in a dry climate area, which will balance the room’s moisture, thus preventing your wig from drying out. Invest in buying a mannequin with a head slightly smaller than yours so that you do not stretch your wig’s cap. Hang your wig on the mannequin when not in use, and use a light cover to protect it from dust and other particles. 

Do not neglect your natural hair!

Last but the most important, do not neglect your original hair just because you wear a wig every day. Keeping your hair and scalp healthy and clean is something you should already do. Wearing a wig is no reason to keep your hair dirty and tangled. Hence, when you have healthy hair, your wig will automatically appear fuller and fresher, as there will be no residues or oils entering the wig from your hair. Always tie your hair into a neat braid whenever putting your wig on. You can also use a hair cap to have a more comfortable and cleaner feel with your wig.