Aequare 70% Chocolate Bar

After I fell in love with Aequare’s 55% bar, how would their (free sample) 70% bar fare? Let’s find out, shall we?

Like the 55% (and all of Aequare’s bars), this bar is handmade from single-origin beans. Like all the bars currently for sale, it’s from their Quevedo, Ecuador grower’s summer 2008 harvest.

The 70% bar was wonderfully snappy. It had a luxuriously thick and smooth melt, surprising for a bar with such a high cacao percentage.

There’s a slight sweetness to the bar, but it is mostly dominated by strong, dry cocoa notes with hints of coffee. It’s extremely chocolatey, in a complex way.

I didn’t love the 70% as much as the 55% – the complexity just wasn’t as captivating – but I still greatly enjoyed it. An OM.