A Complete Guide To Deciding On Bikini Styles

There are two parts to a bikini and that is what makes them great. Once you settle on a top style, it is equally important to choose a bottom to set the look. There is no rule that says you have to buy a matching set; be as creative as you want. 

The examples below are broad and will give you an idea based on style and coverage for your bikini wardrobe. Check out Bond Eye swim bikinis for some of the more popular options below. 

Triangle Tops

This is the classic bikini style that most people envision when they think of swim suits. Triangle tops offer minimal support but are widely adjustable. The triangles are strung on a tie around cord and can be shifted for better coverage. 

Bandeau Tops

Bandeau tops, including Bond Eye swim bikinis, are a strapless option (that sometimes includes removable straps). This is the perfect option for anyone looking to sunbathe as it has minimal coverage and will help you to avoid tan lines, especially on your shoulders. It’s the perfect option for a relaxing summer day, but you may want more support if you plan on swimming vigorously. 

One Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder bikinis are very trendy this season and offer more support than the bandeau. Our minds naturally look for symmetry; when we recognize something asymmetrical, we unknowingly give it a second look. Go with a one shoulder bikini if you’re looking to turn heads. 

Halter Tops 

Halter tops keep your tan lines neat for those backless dresses and offer yet more support. They’re perfect for casually lounging and being active as well. It’s a perfect middle of the road option for those beach parties. 

Brazilian Bottoms

Brazilian bottoms come in many varieties, colors and materials. They are minimal coverage: sometimes covering as little as a thong or tanga panty. Brazilian bikini bottoms are perfect for getting that summer tan. 

Side Tie Bottoms

Side tie bottoms are often low cut and tie just at either hip. They are the hip huggers of the bikini world and should be treated as such. They offer moderate coverage and can be worn for water sports; just err on the side of caution and tie a double not. 

High Leg Bottoms

High leg bottoms provide more coverage while flattering your shape. Their high cut leg holes give your legs the appearance of being longer. Strut with confidence knowing you can walk the beach with long legs, and not have to worry about any accidental slips. 

Full Coverage Bottoms  

Full coverage bottoms are often a solid piece but can be tied on as well. They are versatile in size and shape. These bottoms are perfect for activities and beachside sports or comfortable lounging by the pool. They can be lower cut or high waisted. 

Pick Your Favorites

There is no particular way to wear a bikini by Bond Eye swim bikinis. The beauty in them is their ability to be mixed and matched. Pick the styles that give you confidence. Mixing and matching for both color and style gives you complete swimsuit choices for the summer and beyond.  This will leave you ready for any event that comes your way!