50th post! 2-months!

Hi guys!

Happy Monday! No review today; just a reflection. This is my 50th post, and tomorrow is the 2-month anniversary (mensivary, really. I had to look that up) of ZOMG, Candy! Two months may not seem like very long in the real world, but in college time, it’s a big deal. And 50 posts probably adds up to more writing than I’ve done for class so far this semester. Heck, it could even be more reading than I’ve done all semester.

Incidentally, today is also the day of my first midterm of my junior year, but that’s not exactly cause for celebration…

I’m shaking things up in my ZOMG, Candy! world. I took the plunge and bought www.zomgcandy.com. Right now https://www.zomgcandy.com redirects to http://zomgcandy.wordpress.com , but as soon as I get the chance to look into the repercussions (on feeds, search engines, etc.) of swapping to make the wordpress.com redirect to my purchased domain, I’ll do so. Y’all can update your bookmarks now if you want, though both URLs should work. And if anyone has any tips or whatever, I’d love the advice, as I’m not that technologically savvy.

I’ve maxed out my free Flickr account (only 200 photos can be viewed at a time), and rather than pay them $26 for an upgrade to a pro account, I’m going to give Picassa a try. The current Flickr account will stay there, but I’ll duplicate it and add on to it in Picassa, if that works well. Expect a link to that in the sidebars eventually.

For now, I’ve been able to churn out a new review every weekday, but I’m also not spending as much time on my schoolwork as I should. I’m a pretty busy girl – I play with the Yale Concert Band and the Yale Precision Marching Band, and I hold an officer position in the Yale Bands that is one of the few positions that actually requires extensive work. I also play with a residential college orchestra, sit on the board of my residential college council, work in two psych labs (one for credit, the other for pay to keep me in candy money), attend a few other meetings for groups I’m less devoted to, and attempt to have a social life. Oh, and I sleep. Sometimes. Plus there’s the whole going to class and studying and learning thing.

The moral of the story is, starting next week, I’m cutting down to MWF updates and 3 reviews a week, as previously threatened. I love keeping this blog (and I hope y’all enjoy reading it), which is why I still haven’t been able to let myself update less, but my parents are paying an awfully large sum of money so that I can go to school and learn things and eventually make enough money to buy Fran’s salted caramels whenever I want.

Thus, I am forcing myself to cut back. Because although the Facebook dude made a bajillion dollars by dropping out of Harvard to develop his website, I somehow doubt ZOMG, Candy! will ever reach that level of success. And, for the record, dear readers, I love y’all, and I love candy, but I still would sell ZOMG, Candy for $900 million at the drop of a hat.

So, enjoy your last week of daily updates, and happy October! Halloween is still a month away, but it feels closer now. And super cheapo Halloween candy sales are only a month and a day away!