Balancing Work

5 Tips For Balancing Work And Online Learning

With a full-time job, handling personal and professional commitments becomes challenging. Adding online learning courses to this mix might make it a nightmare, but it is very much achievable with a balancing work act.

You can attend online classes and gain new skills or knowledge without putting your job on hold, thanks to online learning.

eLearning enables you to learn at your own time and at the place you are comfortable. You have an option to complete the course after your full-time job, after dinner, or during the weekend.

Learning management systems (LMS) have revolutionized eLearning and have changed the way we look at knowledge and skill acquisition. The demand for LMSs has increased to manage eLearning systematically. Companies can also opt for the right eLearning platform at the right price; where they can help their employees pursue learning along with their full-time job. A lot of institutions provide eLearning and use LMS.

The best thing is that most of these solutions offer value for money. For example, if we check Docebo pricing for the industries like publishing, retail, telecommunications, computer software, etc., it can prove to be beneficial and cost-effective since they have a free trial period.

With the right time management tactics, you can effectively Balancing Work, family, and study.

Below are some tips that will help you in strategizing your time and balance eLearning while working full-time:

1) Communicate well- Balancing Work

Communicating with your employer is the key. This is the most important thing that you can do to balance eLearning while working full-time. Do not forget to communicate with your friends and support network, as you never know when you might need their help or assistance. Talk to your employer and let them know about your plans of enrolling in an online degree program and you might need some time off for exams and studying. Your employer might even appreciate that you are taking time to earn your next degree and you could become a more valuable employee in the long run.

2) Stay organized and manage your time effectively

Good time management is a part of staying organized. Organize your time strategically that will help you in utilizing your time effectively. This way you will have enough time for your education and your full-time job commitments. Manage a detailed weekly calendar or schedule. Managing aonal time and maintain a balance between learning and full-time working. Map ou calendar will help you combine both professional and perst when your assignments are due and if you expect a busier week at work, then you need to plan accordingly.

3) Make eLearning a habit and decide when you learn best

Determine the time when you learn the best. You could be a night owl who prefers to work on assignments in the night after work or after everyone leaves the office. You could even be an early riser who wakes up early and do the creative work with a fresh mind before heading towards the office. Once you know when the best time you learn is, make that a habit. Make sure you follow that routine with full dedication every day or week.

4) Give yourself the required rest

You are not a machine but a human being who requires rest. When you are scheduling your time, you must keep time for rest as it is of utmost importance to give yourself some breathing space. Never try to jump from one task to another, it will make you feel tired and stressed and might even lead to burnout in the long run. Never plan everything back to back, keep some space between tasks and commitments. Giving proper rest to yourself will allow you to be more productive when you are working or studying.

5) Work remotely if possible

Most of the companies allow work from home since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, speak to your employer whether you can work from home and you will come to the office if anything comes up. Working remotely will help you save on traveling time and you can use that time to further your education.


With proper time management, you can effectively balance both eLearning and a full-time job. Always remember this is temporary and keep your end goal in sight and always remember what benefits will come from completing the online course. Do not forget about self-care; make sure you sleep the recommended seven to nine hours per night. Do not hesitate to ask for help, speak to your family or peers for guidance. You will connect to a community of like-minded people who are trying to balance personal and professional commitments.