5 Phone Applications That Will Help You In Your Routine Tasks

iPhone Apps to Create a Difference in Your Daily Routine

An iPhone is a powerful tool that offers diverse functionality. You may be even surprised at some points on how you can easily use your iPhone. For instance, it can replace your office, fax, and scan machines, serve as your organizer, and also fulfill many other functions. The single thing you do in each case is to install a respective app. Wish to find out more about what apps you need to use the functionality of your iPhone maximally? Get the TOP list of apps below.

TOP 5 Apps  for Daily Routine Tasks of iPhone Users
Among the variety of apps available for iPhone, we have selected the TOP 5 apps that help in tasks with documents, daily tasks, and time management. Install these essentials to your device to use it in a more effective way. 

  1. Office

This app is nearly irreplaceable and not for office workers only. If you need to type some texts occasionally only, this tool can help a lot in this case. It enables working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can easily store all of your files in the cloud. Editing and sharing also take minutes. 

This app does not limit its functionality to typing docs only. A user may also convert a photo into a document. All that is needed to do is to take a photo only. Converting docs into PDF format is also possible using this app. The office app is surely irreplaceable when you are far away from your office.

2. Fax app

Could you imagine that the iPhone can even replace costly and heavy fax and scan machines? Now, it is possible using this device only. It is equipped with a powerful camera that enables making TOP quality images. Uploading documents is also possible. You may easily pick the number and send a fax from iPhone in a couple of clicks with minimal preparatory arrangements needed. You need to take care of the surface and lighting. The rest of the things an iOS fax app will do – it will not only send your faxes but also help to process all docs smoothly. The tool enables working with PDF, JPEG, or PNG.

This fax app enables working and processing such documents as receipts, photos, books, IDs, passports, cards, posters, licenses, newspapers, letters, certificates, and many other documents. The quality of scanning will remain the same as in the case of using professional fax machines. Use this tool when you need quality scans and faxes but have a smartphone at hand only. Faxing takes minutes with this helpful tool.

3. Todoist

Todoist is an amazing app to arrange daily personal and professional tasks. It enables convenient organization. Different colors and labels are available also to mark all tasks on the agenda. Sort your tasks according to your priorities. Track tasks due, and stay more effective while completing your weekly and monthly plans. The interface that this app has is very convenient and very much similar to Gmail.

The app also provides different templates and features. You may arrange goal tracking, organize your finances, handle your social media calendar and meeting schedule, and utilize many other useful features.

4. Sleep Cycle

Calm and healthy sleep is a healthy part of any daily routine for everyone. Most people can’t function properly during the day without proper rest and sleep. It enables a person to restore, both physically and mentally.

This app will track how long you sleep, what is the quality of your sleep, and other factors, like your heart rate. All of these factors have a great impact on the benefits you may get from your sleep. The app enables you to understand what you need to do to get more from your sleep. It will also help you to determine the best time when you can wake up and feel you feel fully restored. 

5. MyFitnessPal

If you want to become healthier and have well-arranged fitness activities, this app is among the best ones. The tool is focused mostly on food tracking. It will hold a database with the nutritional values of food products you can find in different restaurants and stores. So, you can track how much you are eating and how much you have spent while exercising.

The app also allows you to set your personal dietary goals and will recommend specific food so you can reach those. The app will also send you reminders in order to stay on target. The app will also help you to define how much you drink and keep your balance at this point.

Final words

iPhone is a powerful smartphone with an amazing camera and expanded functionality. You may easily use this device to substitute your office facilities – typing, faxing, and scanning with it at ease. Having a separate app for each of its functions is required only. Save this article for future reference or install helpful apps suggested even now. Start using them as soon as you may need these tools for your personal and professional objectives.