4 Good Reasons to Delay or Postpone a Wedding 

It’s normal to be engulfed with emotions while planning for your wedding. The worries of what you should prioritize, your core emotional needs, or whether you’ll have a theme and motto for your big day. But what should come first is picking a date for your big day. 

Your wedding date should have sentimental value, like the day your parents got married or the date you first met. It could be a milestone marker, say five years since you met, or a number sequence you can easily remember. Consider ideal weather, family availability, or your favorite time of the year. 

However, a wedding date is not cast in stone. Things happen, and you may have no option but to postpone your wedding. Whether it’s you or your spouse going through unexpected happenings, or you want to celebrate your big day later, postponing your wedding is the right choice for the following reasons.

  • Financial Stress

A wedding can be expensive as it is not just a party. It would help if you considered the quality of service, the time taken to get what you want, and the materials you use to make the day successful. Since you are supposed to choose a wedding date first, you might realize that you need more money as you continue with preparations. 

Financial stability is crucial in determining whether you’ll go ahead with the set day or settle on a different day afterward. Consider all the pros and cons of postponing your big day and communicate well with everyone involved. You can put your wedding on hold to save more for your dream event instead of signing up for debts more than you can handle. 

  • Wardrobe Issues

Getting a perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming. You must go from one shop to another, trying dress after dress till you get one. If you find yourself moving from one bridal boutique to another, trying different gowns in different shapes and silhouettes to no avail, it may be time to take a break and resume your search with a fresh frame of mind.

A major contributor to the stress of dress shopping are overly specific expectations or asks. If you’re looking for a design that is popular at the time, whether associated with the season or the latest trend in wedding dresswear, it’s better to take a step back and revisit your original “must-have” qualities of attire for the special day. For instance, one of the most challenging items on a wedding planning list is to coordinating the bridesmaid’s dresses. 

Depending on how many bridesmaids will be attending, as well as their specific preferences and sizing requirements, it can seem like an impossible task. Make it more than possible by opting for tried and true colors that look flattering on most anyone, like champagne bridesmaid dresses, which are also more likely to be available as a popular option year to year rather compared to trends that don’t last past a few seasons – not to mention, conveniently ordered last-minute if needed. 

  • Weather Issues

If you plan to have your wedding during winter, it can be hard to predict how your day will be. Mother Nature may decide to unleash a not so good weather for celebrations just hours before you say I do. This type of postponement might not be ideal, but you can be sure that the professionals you work with will know what to do. 

If weather issues lead to last-minute postponement, let your guests know as soon as possible and ask the vendor team, wedding planner or someone you trust to help you navigate the sudden decision seamlessly. 

  • Venue Concerns

Once you’ve scouted around and found a venue that is ideal for your event, there is no need for second thoughts about your venue of choice. However, like other couples, you may be faced with unexpected circumstances, such as the venue’s closure or a natural disaster that can render the venue a no go zone. 

Venue concerns may force you to look for a backup plan as soon as possible while expecting no more stress than you bargained for. But if finding a new location within the shortest time and ensuring that everyone involved is aware brings you more stress, pushing the wedding date to a later day could be the best option. You can send an email announcement to your guest list and assign other people to call all guests to inform them personally of the postponement. 

Why Postpone 

It is more heartbreaking to cancel an entire wedding based on your current situation. Before making the big decision, talk to your suppliers and venue to see if other options exist. Many event companies have terms and conditions that allow you to extend or put your day on hold rather than forfeit the deposit you could have already made. 

Even if you have all the groundwork done with big decisions such as centerpieces, colors, and seating options already made, most service providers will put the entire concept plus quotation on hold until you confirm to be ready for the day. Once the new date is approved, you should pick things up from where you left off.