3 Towing Mirror Upgrades for Max Visibility

Listen up my pull-behind pals, we’re about to hit the open road with some trailer-hauling visibility tips that’ll have you feeling like a real-life rear-view camera! Those janky factory truck mirrors are massively failing you when it comes to eliminating huge blindzones the second you saddle up with a trailer.

You know what I’m talking about – going to change lanes or back up into a tight camping spot, and suddenly you’re just guessing what’s lurking behind your payload. White-knuckling it while saying a lil’ prayer to the blindspot gods that no Camrys were in your path! Those factory mirrors leave you driving half-blind, and that’s NOT how I roll.

Enter: those glorious extended towing mirrors. Clip ’em on and suddenly your rear visibility goes from 20/800 to like eagle-eye 20/20! Those gigantic convex side panels give you a sick peripheral view behind and alongside your trailer that those measly OEM mirrors couldn’t even dream of capturing. Let’s maximize your field of vision with quality towing mirrors.

Now don’t get me wrong – ANY ol’ clip-on tow mirror setup is better than the stock circus mirrors you’re rocking now. But to truly maximize your rear visibility for confident, eyes-on-everything towing? You gotta optimize with a few pro mirror upgrades:

Tip #1: Size Those Suckers to Your Trailer Length 

Take it from someone whose first towing mirrors were puny side-view slivers: going too small with your mirror extensions is a total rookie move! Those compact clip-ons might suffice for a 10-foot U-Haul trailer, but start hauling campers or longer rigs and you’ll need to go MAXIMUM ENORMO.

The protruding mirror arms and wide convex panes may look comically large extending off your doors, but that extra reach is pivotal for capturing your trailer’s entire rear profile in your sideview. Trust me – springing for the 10+ inch wingspan towing mirrors is a wise investment versus driving half-blind with those inadequate compact addons.

Just take some measurements of your trailer length and width to lock in the ideal extension range. For coaches over 25 feet or those hauling multiple trailers, you pretty much need to embrace the full DriveHugePickup.com trucker lifestyle with towing mirrors the size of your head. It’s all about customizing to eliminate blindzones!

Tip #2: Pay Up for Premium Glass & Construction 

Sure, those $20 universal clip-on towing mirrors from the gas station get the job done technically. But invest in a quality premium set and you’ll experience out-of-this-world rear visibility and clarity!

I’m talking crystal clear, zero distortion mirror glass with wide panoramic viewing angles. Sturdy stainless steel bracket construction that quashes mirror vibration at highway speeds. Heck, some high-end sets even come with integrated backup cameras and defrosters for mega multi-season visibility.

My recommendation? Spend the money on those top-shelf Volvoring 360Vue XL towing mirrors! The optic quality and stability is a total game-changer versus dealing with warped, wobbly reflections from a discount mirror kit. Plus their improved adjustability axes dials in the perfect angle to capture all blindzones on your cargo.

At the end of the day, high- craftsmanship means crystal clear sightlines around your camper that inspire confidence. And safe towing? Totally priceless!

Tip #3: Add a Crossover Mirror for Blindspot Sniping

 Just installed your behemoth ultra-wide towing mirror set and noticing a bit of a… remaining blindspot ? Those outer side trailer edges can still be obscured even with top-quality main mirrors. That’s where today’s hottest towing mirror hack comes in – equipping a supplemental crossover side mirror!

These tiny lil’ accent mirrors basically extend your sideview capture even further by bouncing sight angles off one another. Mounted to protrude just past your towing mirror’s outer edge, crossover mirrors completely illuminate your ultra-near blindzones alongside your trailer.

With this double-mirror combo, not an inch of your cargo’s side profile is left unseen! Just a quick peek over to your crossover mirror provides a pixel-perfect view right alongside your camper or flatbed. Brilliant for keeping tabs on passing cars or watching for low-clearance obstacles.

Do you really need a supplemental crossover mirror as well as towing mirrors? Probably not for towing smaller rigs. But haul anything over 30 feet or specialty cargo and that extra sliver of vision could be the difference between a sideswipe and spotless hauling. I dig the added peace of mind to make me a more aware tower, even if I look goofy with mirrors on my mirrors!

The bottom line? With the right towing mirror configuration sized for your rig length and premium optics quality, you can essentially achieve a 360-degree force field of rear visibility while towing. Make the investment! Having eyes on every last blindzone is an absolute must for safe hauling. No more blindly changing lanes and sweating bullets – those optimized towing mirrors are literal lifesavers.