3 Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

3 Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

Marketing is one of the most important stages when it comes to selling a product. It is the contact point between a seller and a buyer. This is the reason why many companies and entrepreneurs spend lots of money and time on marketing.

A Marketing strategy is what introduces your customers or potential customers to your products. How you present and communicate your product to your customers will determine whether they will buy or not.

As a jewelry seller, capturing and appealing the eye of the customer should be top in your marketing ideas. A customer whether visiting your shop or buying online should be able to look at what you are selling and be fully convinced that they can buy whatever you are selling.

To capture that appealing, eye-catching piece of jewelry, you must apply the best jewelry photography techniques possible for quality shots, especially if you cannot afford a hired professional jewelry photographer. Here are some ideas on how to sell jewelry in 2020!

Are you a jewelry seller looking for ideas to attract more customers and increase your sales? Well, look no further. Here I have compiled 3 practical ideas that will help you grow your clientele.

Content Creation

As a jeweler, you need to have content that will interest your clients into buying your pieces. Your clients should be able to get all the information they need about your pieces even before they visit your shop or stores.

You may wonder how content creation will attract more customers. With the world going digital, you can attest to the fact that most people before buying something or visiting a particular shop they will first check it out on the internet. This means if you have an active and visible online presence, you are more likely to get potential customers than if you did not have one.

When creating content for jewelry, image is everything. It is the picture and the details in the picture that will win your customer?s eyes first even before they start reading whatever is in the content. This is where you invest in jewelry photography. Make sure you have the best photos in your content.

Your content should also contain information about your jewel. Talk about the stone used to make that piece of jewel. This gives your customer the feeling that you as a jeweler is well knowledge about whatever you are selling.

In your content have information that will help your customers purchase decision. Answer possible questions that you think your potential customer may ask. Provide information about where you are located, the price of each piece of jewel, different ways in which your piece can be layered.

Adding extra information for your customer, like ways of keeping your jewelry pieces shiny and sparkly, how to safely store jewelry pieces. Talk about the shipment of the jewelry in case your customers are overseas.

As a jewel marketer, you can do this through websites, blog posts, and social media pages. You have to put yourself out there but you have to do it outstandingly.


Most people when buying products they consider first the brand name even before the product. They attach value to the brand name more than the product. This is also the case when it comes to jewelry. A customer will prefer buying a product from a company name that he or she recognizes.

This shows that as a jewelry marketer doing jewelry marketing, you need to have your name out there. You need to build a name or a symbol or a logo that represents and promotes your product. When doing jewelry photography for your pieces, attach that name, that symbol or logo that represents you.

Use of brand ambassadors a branding tactic that you can use. You can use celebrities and influencers where they get to wear your pieces during events. This will help endorse your pieces and also give your customers a visual image of how they would look in your pieces. If you cannot afford a brand ambassador be your own ambassador. Wear your pieces, take pictures with them, and let the world see what you are selling.

An important aspect of branding is trust and reliability. As a jeweler, your customers need to be assured that you are reliable and trustworthy. You can do this by delivering what you promise and not compromising on quality.

If your customers can trust you with meaningful and high-value products like jewelry, trust me they will be the best brand ambassadors that will market you through referrals.


Positioning as a marketing idea refers to the consumer?s perception of a product. This is an idea you can use to attract more customers. As a jeweler, you need to craft your product in a way that communicates to your customers.

To position your products you can appeal to your customer?s pockets. You can give discounts, prizes, and offers without compromising on the quality of the product.

You can communicate with your customer?s needs. During special occasions like Valentine?s Day, most people are always on the rush to buy gifts. This is a perfect moment for you. Show your customers the different varieties of your pieces and how well it suits the given occasion.

As a Digital Marketing? Services idea, positioning your product can also mean doing ads on your products. This is effective if you know your target audience. Depending on the audience, you will know how to do your ads in a way that will flood the minds of the customers. When it comes to ads, especially jewelry, jewelry photography is key if you want to appeal to the eyes of the customers.

In conclusion,

From the above ideas, you can see that publicity and getting your name out there is an important aspect when it comes to jewelry marketing. As a jeweler, you should ensure that you are reputable, you are visible and in touch with your customers? needs and demands. This will help you keep the current customers that you have and they will also go spreading a word about your products.