Oh Henry

The Oh Henry bar is an old school classic that’s been around since the 1920’s. In my experience, they’re pretty low profile – I see them in the candy aisle and in occasional fun size mixes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen advertisements for them.

They were labelled as “peanutty, caramel, fudge bars in milk chocolate.” There were two bars in the package.

The bars were solid, dense little logs. The fudge and caramel insides were chewy but not sticky and quite grainy. That combination of caramel-flavored fudge packed a powerful sugar rush wallop.

Half peanuts dispersed throughout the bar added a light crunch to the texture and a strong nuttiness that did little to dispel the sweetness. The chocolate had a mild cocoa flavor that was totally overwhelmed by the fudge center.

While the make-up of the bar sounded promising, it was entirely too sweet for my taste. A glass of milk helped with the cloying sweetness, so an O – but it just barely escaped getting a — rating.

  • Katie

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