Mr. Chocolate takes on Mr. Softee

Via the NY Times Dining Section of past, a Food Stuff blurb on Jacque Torres’s (aka Mr. Chocolate) new ice cream parlor, right next to his NYC chocolate shop. I spent four years at college on the commuter line to NYC, and that I’m gone, I really wish I’d found the time to go into…

Sweet Sunday Sweets

If you’ve yet to discover the Cake Wrecks blog, you’re missing out! Blogger Jen posts photos of and hilarious commentary on professionally made cakes gone awry. Every Sunday, she does a thematic Sunday Sweets post, showcasing some of the best in cake decorating. One Sunday, the theme was candy! Check it out here. I think…

Candy across the world

This neat article in Business Week is a nice overview of different candymakers around the world, battling it out for marketshare. An accompanying slide show lists the victors – the top candysellers in 25 different candies. Before you click, got any guesses on who comes out on top?

Chow Gift Guides – the candy picks

Back around Fathers’ Day, Chow recommended Vosges ice cream and LaLaBoodle’s Dark Chocolate Toffee as good gifts for dad. More candy goodies appear on their Summer Gift Guide: Southern Candymakers (reviewed by me here) pralines, Valerie Confections’ uber-expensive chocolate skull truffles, and Guittard’s bittersweet chocolate sprinkles to go with a new ice cream maker.

Cracked out candy commercial

I feel like I could start a new blog category just for weird candy commercials. Via AdFreak, an ad for an Australian candy company that features a terrifyingly ginormous doll that wanders, Godzilla-like, through a city. Okay, so Godzilla never gave out free candy, but still – creepy!

A French near miss

Sadly, it wasn’t until after I got back from Europe that I saw David Lebovitz’s post about a special, limited edition run of French stamps that look and smell like chocolate. I was even in a French post office! Buying stamps! Zut! I shall also miss David Lebovitz’s upcoming Paris Gastronomic Adventure tour (not that…

Candy Industry Trends Report, 2009

Candy trends are fun and funny. Back in the day, dark chocolate was just a trend, and now it’s pretty much the norm. Recent trends that I can think of include bacon, chili chocolate, and “superfruits” like pomegrante, acai, and goji. So what’s the next big candy trend? Here’s what the National Confectioners Association has…