Candy Industry Trends Report, 2009

Candy trends are fun and funny. Back in the day, dark chocolate was just a trend, and now it’s pretty much the norm. Recent trends that I can think of include bacon, chili chocolate, and “superfruits” like pomegrante, acai, and goji.

So what’s the next big candy trend? Here’s what the National Confectioners Association has to say in their 2009 trend report:

  • Confections will have healthier options and fortified benefits.
  • Chocolate isn?t just for dessert. Providing the most surprising flavor combinations, chocolate and cocoa will be used as a key ingredient in main courses.
  • Sweet and savory duos like chocolate and bacon, and chocolate and cheese will be popular in stores and on menus.
  • International spices and ethnic flavors will also have a large influence on new U.S. products and flavor development overall, especially Asian and Latin flavors.
  • Intense new flavors and interactive experiences will dominate children?s candies.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing efforts, like recyclable packaging, will influence product development and consumer purchasing.