Necco Sky Bar Candy – an abortive review

I tried. I really, really tried to give the Necco Sky Bar a fair shake of a review. It’s a retro bar and is deliberately marketed as such, with it’s matte-looking wrapper, photos, and font. Nostalgia is about all this guy’s got going for it.

Necco Sky Bar Candy

The bar is billed as “4 flavors in milk chocolate.” It comes in four segments, each imprinted with the word “Necco.” One segment is filled with caramel, another with vanilla, another with peanut, and the final one with fudge. Wait – I take that back. Let’s try that again. One segment is filled with “caramel,” another with “vanilla,” another with “peanut,” and the final one with “fudge.”

Necco Sky Bar Candy

Why the quotation marks?

Because the fillings vaguely tasted like rude approximations of what they were labeled as, but to call them a real caramel or vanilla or fudge or peanut butter would be a travesty. They were nasty goops, all of them. And nasty goop inside poor quality milk chocolate just makes for more nastiness.

I took a small bite out of each of these for the sake of candy blogging science, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat those bites slowly or thoughtfully. I just wanted the nasty swallowed and as far away from my taste buds as possible. So, readers, that is why I have no descriptions for you. All that’s in my tasting notebook is “nasty goo” and a giant scribble.

Necco Sky Bar Candy

Usually I give my tasting leftovers to friends. The Sky Bar I tossed, as I thought it too horrible to inflict upon others. A definite that caused me to hover my mouse over the box that would’ve categorized this as “not candy”. If you don’t believe me, check out fellow Sugar Savvy writer Sylvie’s take. She didn’t hate it as much as I did, but she also found it disappointing.

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Necco Sky Bar Candy
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  • Darn kids today with your 75% cacao bars and your candied orange peels! I love the SkyBar in all its nastiness. True, I only crave one about every other year or so, but still. And, yeah, give me the Necco Wafers any day, but it’s a classic weird old thing.

    I used to work down the street from Necco in Central Sq. / Cambridge and the summertime scent of all those artificial flavors was true bliss!

  • Toni

    Ah, SKYBAR! One of my favorite memories of youth. I liked them then, I like them NOW. They are so hard to find too, so when I do get one, I really savor it. How you can call it “nasty” is beyond me. They remain one of my top five candy bars. Now I’ll check out what SYLVIE has to say.

  • Tanya Fleury

    Skybar is awesome goodness! Loved them since I was a kid! I find them at the Reny’s stores in Maine. They are 59cents