Consumer Reports on Chocolate

After a little digging, I managed to find a list of Consumer Reports ratings of various boxes of chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day. I’m glad See’s got high marks.

And check out AOL’s slideshow of boxed chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Excuse me as I drool into my keyboard. And Bonus Points to Rosa the Candy Reviewer for recognizing the cover slide as Vosges!

And finally, speaking of Vosges, you can find my Vosges review over at HeatEatReview’s Food Review Weekly #2.

  • If you want to see the best selection of top-rated chocolate, you’ve gotta check out Chatham’s Fine Chocolates – they’ve got all the world’s top chocolatiers (Knipschildlt, Vosges, McElrath, Theo, Cluizel, etc.). Check out their hundreds of artisan chocolate truffles you can build your own box from!!!

  • Drool indeed! Makes me happy that I forked over for the Vosges mini bar set this morning. 🙂

    I’m still looking forward to your review of those. Or did you eat those purely for the enjoyment?