14 Best US Proxies With American IPs 2022

14 Best US Proxies With American IPs 2022

Proxies might not be at par with premium VPNs in terms of features, but they do offer great utility, especially if you are trying to access geo-restricted websites and content. You can connect to different proxy websites around the world but the majority of them only focus on US proxies.

Reasons to use an American proxy are many and manifold. You might be looking to access your favorite geo-restricted platform that requires an IP Address US to access its content. Or, you want to anonymously browse American websites for data scraping or any general purpose.

Let’s explore the 14 best US proxies with American IPs.

Best US Proxies

1. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire is an excellent choice for US IP addresses, with over 40 million IPs under their name, and over 19 locations worldwide. Their connection arrangement starts at five gigabytes, and their selling price starts at $75 per month for 5 GB.

2. BeeProxy

BeeProxy is also a US proxy service company that provides its users with predefined domestic proxies for the United States and Europe, and also the alternative to locate a particular city.

We believe that its proxies operate very well, and scale extremely well too, and the case that they provide housing, shifting, and deterministic IP addresses implies that you have several options.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data has been in this business for a while, and as a matter of fact, they have one of the largest proxy connections in the industry, with over 72 million IP addresses in the basket, and 5 million IP addresses from the United States only.

One point you will find appealing about this firm is that its IP addresses are sustainably sourced, which signifies you have all the right to use them.

4. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is also an excellent option if you want a US proxy supplier as they provide unmetered bandwidth, have locations in over 40 countries, and the high point is that the proxies charge as little as $1.73 for each proxy a month.

Overall speaking, they are among the top proxy suppliers, and they provide their customers with some of the finest data center proxy locations.

5. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy is a comparatively recent US proxy supplier when we talk about the proxy market, however, they are undoubtedly getting on track with the reliability and quality of their top features.

They provide unlimited data and mobile proxies, which you can use for social media software. One of the best features of mobile proxies is that they are not detectable.

6. Soax

As a US proxy vendor, Soax enjoys assisting its clients and their IP address network frame exceeds 8 million. They have several locations all over the world, and also provide unmetered bandwidth.

They claim to provide their clients with the finest domestic proxies in the market, with over  600,000 of their eight million housing IP addresses based in the United States.

7. Shifter

The shifter is another excellent alternative if you need a US proxy provider with  31+ million IP addresses in their network system, however, they did not reveal the number of US IP addresses they own. Their locations are spread across 130 countries, and their cost starts at $249. 99 per month for a maximum of 10 ports.

They provide their customers with time-based shifting proxies that will shift your IP address from one to another after a fixed time period.

8. Oxylabs

Oxylabs will be your next choice for a US proxy supplier, as they provide their consumers with 6 million exclusive IP addresses distributed throughout the United States.

They are one of the best proxy providers due to their large IP address pool size in the United States.

9. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is probably one of your top picks for a US proxy since they can provide their customers with 40,000 IP addresses in the pool. They don’t disclose their IP address numbers, but we believe they’ve chosen quality rather than quantity here.

They mainly concentrated on the United States and Europe, implying that they are quite focused on high quality rather than on expanding their site collection.

10. My Private Proxy

This proxy provider that we have added to our list is an ideal pick if you only want to purchase US proxies,  and they claim that they have US proxies located in more than 20 different locations across the country.

Besides the US, it can also assist its clients with proxies in Europe, and they claim to provide the best proxies for SEO.

11. Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO Proxies provides their clients with over 29 countries, 100 posts, and unmetered bandwidth. Their monthly devoted proxies start at just $2, thus if you’re looking for a USA-based supplier for your proxies, these are one of your top picks.

Whenever it concerns data center proxies, you have the option of rotating or fixed proxies.

12. Instant Proxies

Instant Proxies is yet another excellent pick if you want to take advantage of US proxies while also having access to locations all over the world, and unbounded bandwidth. Their cost is surprisingly reasonable, with proxies starting at $1 a month.

If you are on a tight budget and thinking about buying proxies now, then these proxies are your safest choice.

13. BuyProxies

BuyProxies is also a proxy provider that would only assist you with US and European proxies. Their frequency band is unrestricted, and they claim that proxies will start at $2 per month. Once more, this is a great choice if you have limited budgets for proxies and would like access to a wide array of US proxies.

14. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is another amazing buy for using a US proxy as it provides its customers with easy access to large numbers of IP addresses as well as 24/7 client service, detailed geo-targeting, and also an extremely functional panel.


The above-mentioned US proxies are some of the best providers you can choose from to enjoy Internet freedom and anonymity online.