Best Roku Channels

13 Best Roku Channels And Codes In 2022 | Some Channels To Spice Up Your Streaming!

Are you looking for free movies and TV channels on your Roku device? Look no further. We will discuss some great channels and provide their codes so that you can add them to your Roku device. So, you don’t have to settle for the standard streaming channels. 

Here are some top channels worth checking out to stream movies, series and shows that you cannot access on the already existing channels. 

Eager To Add And Watch Exciting Channels Right Away? Here’s A Sneak Peek Of Our List!

  • Nowhere TV (H9DWC)
  • Twitch (TwitchTv)
  • Great Chefs (greatchefs)
  • The Internet Archive (NMJS5)
  • FilmOn (NMEVA)
  • Roku Movies (zb34ac)
  • iTunes Podcasts (ITPC)
  • Arirang TV and Radio (ArirangTV)
  • Video Games (T6PH2V)
  • Space Time (CN6MRTG)
  • 123Movies (52220)
  • FandangoNOW (24334)
  • Disney+ (55305)

How To Add Channels On Roku?

Every Roku device comes with a pre-installed set of channels. Some of these may not be as entertaining; thus, you might want to add new channels. Fortunately, according to, Roku offers a better user experience, compared to other top streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV devices, and plenty of free apps. 

So, before going to our channels list, let’s see how to add channels in Roku.

  • Press the home button on the Roku remote.
  • Scroll down to the “Streaming Channels” option, using your arrow keys located on your Roku remote.
  • Click the Star button on the Roku device to open up a pop-up window where you can add channels. If it’s not available, then click on the word “Streaming Channels.”
  • Press the ‘star button’ again to add channels, name the channel, choose the source, and select whether this is private or public. You can also add a description of your own for this channel.

List Of Best Roku Channels And Codes

According to Forbes, Roku has made a long-term deal with Google to keep YouTube as one of its streaming channels. So, you won’t have to worry about that going away. Other than that, here are some of the channels that are worth adding to your Roku device. 

  • Nowhere TV

Code: H9DWC

If you want to watch your favorite shows non-stop, this is one of the best free apps for Roku, where you can watch live TV channels on full screen. It offers major popular television shows in different categories like Biography, Crime & Investigation, Documentaries, etc.

  • Unofficial Twitch

Code: TwitchTV

It is one of the best channels for gamers because it has live streams of some top games like Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Minecraft. The only downside is that you will need a Twitch account to watch this channel on Roku.

  • Great Chefs

Code: Greatchefs

Want to watch your favorite cooking shows and recipes? Then you can easily enjoy your favorite cooking shows like Chopped, Iron Chef America, and Beat Bobby Flay on Roku. It also includes some best cooking channels like Food Network, Cooking Channel, and Country Living Food.

  • The Internet Archive

Code: NMJS5

Internet Archive offers more than 1000+ classic and public domain movies, TV shows, and animated shorts. It is one of the best channels to live stream on your TV in high quality.

  • FilmOn


FilmOn is an excellent channel for watching all free Live US TV channels like ABC News, ITV2, Bein Sports, and CBS News on Roku. However, you will need a FilmOn account to watch this channel on Roku.

  • Roku Movies

Code: zb34ac

If you are looking for a movie channel to binge-watch some classics, then Roku Movies is one of the best available channels to add. Here, you can watch live and on-demand movies on your TV screens at any time. 

  • iTunes Podcasts

Code: ITPC

iTunes Podcast is one of the best podcast channels for Roku users to watch their favorite podcasts from anywhere. You can easily stream any iTunes Podcast on the big screen with this channel.

  • Arirang TV and Radio

Code: ArirangTV

Arirang TV and Radio are also favorite channels of Roku users, especially Korean culture lovers. You can watch all your favorite shows like Morning Talk, TV Drama Live, and World Music. 

  • Video Games

Code: T6PH2V

Are you a hardcore gamer who loves to watch game walkthroughs, tutorials, or other game-related videos? If so, then this channel is a great catch for you. With it, you can easily watch gaming videos on your TV in high quality.

  • Space Time


Space Time offers all your favorite science, technology, fantasy movies, series, etc., for free on your Roku device. All the best sci-fi movies are available on this channel, like The Matrix, Star Trek and X-Men. It is one of the best Roku channels that every sci-fi fanatic should check out.

  • 123Movies 

Code: 52220

If you want to download movies for free without paying a dime, then this channel is perfect for this purpose. You can use the app or the website on Roku without any hassle. 

  • FandangoNOW 

Code: 24334

You can use this channel to rent or buy movies available through We have used this before, and it’s one of the best sites due to its variety of shows.

  • Disney+ 

Code: 55305

Following its launch in 2019, Disney Plus has been creating a resurgence in the popularity of Roku. This channel allows you to watch almost any Disney movie or TV show for just $7/month. It will be the best way to watch Disney movies on Roku. Here are more details on installing Disney Plus if the code’s not working.


These are just some of our favorite Roku channels – there are plenty more out there to explore. Also, you must have an active Roku account with a valid payment method for these channels to work. Note that not all of these are free; some require a subscription or one-time fee for access. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, get in your pajamas and start binge-watching!