Pretzel M&Ms Commercial

June 22nd, 2010 by Rosa

Via AdFreak, here’s the new commercial for Mars’s new Pretzel M&M’s. Kinda makes you think which orifice they plan on using to get that pretzel in there… No wonder poor Orange is freaked out!

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8 responses about “Pretzel M&Ms Commercial”

  1. Pam Walter said:

    I love the ad; especially the pretzel cracking his knuckles!

  2. Joe said:

    Best commercial ever.

  3. Rich Mintz » Blog Archive » Morning links: FarmVille, Muppets, LA politics, gay pretzels, Aerolineas said:

    […] I really the only person in America who finds the “gay panic” subtext in this Pretzel M&Ms ad a little […]

  4. that is gay said:

    this is sooo gay

  5. Lee Hicks said:

    As a comedian, I want to say, “thank you, M&M’s for the material!” Keep it up. Skittle’s “taste the rainbow” has been replaced!!!

  6. DM said:

    I am glad I am not the only one that infers the gay sodomy angle of this ad.
    The M and M Mars company is a family owned, very conservative operation. Surprised this met their approval.

  7. Lee Hicks said:

    I have watched it over and over(as I was writing) and he actually points his finger down stairs and moves it in an upwards motion when he says “no way your puting a giant pretzel inside me…” (the commercial just came on as I was typing this). Like they are inserting it in him from underneath him. Somebody had to consciously animate him making that jesture… I kept thinking as I was watching, this is too good to be true!!!! I’ll just say that it wasn’t dificult to write jokes about it.

  8. M&M's said:

    M&M’s rule yall must be gay saying that M&M’s gay trying tot hide i