Ritter Sport Summer 2010 – Stracciatella

June 18th, 2010 by Rosa

This is the last of Ritter Sports’ 2010 summer flavors that I picked up in Europe. The other two, Peach-Passionfruit Yogurt and Wildberry Yogurt, were reviewed earlier in the week.

Stracciatella is a flavor of Italian gelato that’s analogous to chocolate chip ice cream. I have to admit I didn’t try stracciatella gelato while I was in Italy – I was too busy eating yogurt gelato!

This bar was milk chocolate with a creamy white filling that was studded with bits of black/brown chocolate. It was quite pliant with a soft break.

The milk chocolate was rich and sweet. That white filling started out sweet and creamy, then developed into a more complex vanilla bean flavor with an almost nutty coffee-tinged finish. I also caught a slight tang in the flavor profile.

I thought that the bits of chocolate in the filling would provide a textural contrast of either hard chocolate or crunchy cookie bits. It didn’t, as my filling was uniformly smooth.

No matter – this bar was delicious. The filling had a well-developed complexity that was intriguing and tasty. I wish this were available in the US – along with yogurt gelato! An OMG.

Jim’s also reviewed this bar, this year this time. It’s apparently brand new for 2010, and I hope Ritter Sport has the sense to bring it back next year or to promote it to a full-time bar.

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3 responses about “Ritter Sport Summer 2010 – Stracciatella”

  1. Pam Walter said:

    I have never tried a Ritter bar, but this one sounds very yummy!

  2. Nana said:

    I would compare Straciatella less to chocolate-chip ice cream and more to frosting. It really tastes as if you made ice cream out of Pillsbury vanilla icing.

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