Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows

January 8th, 2010 by Rosa

These Espresso Pillows are yet another purchase from Trader Joe’s arsenal of candy, this time from the candy display near the checkout counter. I nearly missed them, despite their classy looking tins, and I’m glad I didn’t.

They’re billed as “crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate”. I’m not sure where the pillow part fits in, exactly, as they’re neither pillow soft nor pillow shaped. Each “pillow” is somewhere between the size of a Tic Tac and a jelly bean.

The dark chocolate is sweet, though unremarkable. It does its job just fine, though, paring well with the toffee centers.

The espresso toffee has a great texture. It cleaves with a clean crunch, which gives way to a bitter coffee edge on buttery toffee sweetness.

These things are AWESOME to crunch on. They have the flavor profile of chocolate-covered espresso beans, but they lack the grit of actual beans. They’re addictively tasty, warranting a ZOMG! and a stop to pick up more next time I’m near a Trader Joe’s.

If you want a second opinion, check out Cybele’s Candy Blog take.

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7 responses about “Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows”

  1. Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said:

    These things are stellar. I love them!

    When I first got some, I didn’t read the package closely and so I was expecting some standard espresso beans. But oh me oh my, these are so much more!

  2. Jim said:

    Yes yes yes these sound fantastic.

    I haven’t been able to try any trader joe products for a good year or so but I remember their dark chocolate covered espresso beans being out of this world.

    I really enjoyed reading this review Rosa good work.


  3. CandyProfessor said:

    Well I saw this tin and figured “chocolate covered espresso beans” which I have had too many times and frankly don’t enjoy. Imagine my pleasure to discover they are actually TOFFEE yay my favorite. The tin is perfect for my backpack. Thanks!

  4. Barnett said:

    I was very excited when I got a tin for this past Valentine’s Day. I thought I was biting into Espresso beans as I have had chocolate covered espresso beans in the past. I couldn’t believe they lacked the gritty bean texture. I only later realized it was the toffee I was crunching on. Despite this new realization, I still feel I am eating the real deal. Awsome. I will be getting more!

  5. Ashley said:

    OMG, these are like crack, I LOVE THEM!!! I have to eat like 4 a day! Please never stop making them. LOL.

  6. Srini C said:

    Any idea how much caffeine these have?

    ( ? pieces = 1 cup of coffee)

  7. Rosa said:

    No clue – I no longer have the container, but I don’t think it was marketed as an energy snack, and I don’t remember them putting the conversion on the packaging. They’re not actual coffee beans, so I doubt if they even have any.