Chow and Foodzie Charity Drive

December 15th, 2009 by Rosa

Chow and Foodzie are partnering to do good for Boston, New York, San Francisco, and LA charities. They’ve selected a bunch of local food items that, when purchased via Foodzie, means a donation of a portion of the proceeds.

They’ve got lots of candy-centric items available, including Taza’s stoneground chocolate bars (reviewed here), Christopher Norman’s chocolate-covered cherries, bacon peanut brittle, Ococoa haute peanut butter cups, P.O.P. Candy’s holiday butter crunch, and Sweet Revolution’s handmade salted caramels.

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1 response about “Chow and Foodzie Charity Drive”

  1. Nana said:

    Hey Rosa, did you see this?

    “Transatlantic Chocolate Divide”

    I get that they’re using Hershey and Cadbury to stand for US/UK chocolate, respectively, since those are the flagship bars of the involved corporations but… well, I don’t know about you, but I object to US chocolate being equated with Hershey’s. Probably the way Justin and other microbrew fans feel when US beer is equated with Budweiser.