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Haribo Maoam Sour Candies

August 28th, 2009 by Rosa

In light of recent news that’s been pushing a lot of traffic to my site, I thought I’d throw up some pictures of “Haribo Maoam Sour Candies” – really Maoam Stripes, a yummy, brightly flavored taffy treat I picked up last summer in England – to show people what they’re really looking for.

I don’t think the green guy’s doing anything illicit in these wrappers, though I’ll admit that the controversial ones are much more… questionable.

I have a set of the same candies with but with different, tamer wrappers (given to me by my associate master) that I’ve been meaning to get out a review for. Will hop to it to take advantage of this news flash.

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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Chipotle Hazelnuts

August 28th, 2009 by Rosa

Trader Joe’s has yet to make it to Rochester, but my boyfriend’s Boston home happens to be just next to one. As Cybele from Candy Blog has shown, Trader Joe’s is a great candy source, so I made sure to pop in when I was Boston to visit my boyfriend.

While there, I picked up a tub of their chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (not as good as Sunbursts’s, but still good, and just right for snacking on the long drive home) and these, dark chocolate chipotle hazelnuts.

They’re advertised as “mild, smoky heat with a touch of cinnamon and cocoa”. There’s a lot going on there!

They smell of sweet cocoa. At first taste, it tastes like ground cinnamon – dry and spicy. Next comes the cocoa flavor, which is a tad sweet, along with a bit of nuttiness from the hazelnuts.

Finally, the chili burn emerges after the nut is gone. It emerges slowly, but once it comes, it lingers! It doesn’t hurt exactly; rather, it smolders. It’ll definitely keep you awake!

Texture-wise, the outer chocolate layer is soft, while the whole hazelnut inside is pleasantly crunchy.

I wish the hazelnut flavor had been stronger. More nuttiness and more roasty-ness would have helped. The chocolate and the chili and the hazelnut sort of works together, but the cinnamon throws it off. Somehow, the flavors just don’t quite mesh.

I wouldn’t buy them again, but I did eat a significant portion of the tub. I’d like to try them without the cinnamon. Maybe they’d work better that way? Until then, an O from me.

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