Merci Chocolate Assortment

December 10th, 2008 by Rosa

Storck has had a pretty decent track record on my site. Their Toffifay got an OMG (and an awesomely addictive candy award from Candy Addict), and their Reisen got my highest honor of a ZOMG! So how would their Merci “finest assortment of European chocolates” fare?

I was impressed by the packaging of these chocolates. They’re pretty cheap, and they’re not lavishly packaged, but they still look nice. The outer box is kindly perforated to reveal two neat rows of Merci bars within.

The bars themselves are also not fancily wrapped – just cellophane with a light gold paper – but the half and half contrast and the color-coordinated bars and script identifying the bar flavors are a lovely touch that make the candies seem that much more upscale. I bought a box and split it up to put in goody bags for friends.

The bars come in seven different flavors. You can read the manufacturer’s description of each at Walgreen’s website. And/or you can read my review of six of those flavors (I somehow managed to not leave myself a milk chocolate one for tasting).

Hazelnut creme has a light hazelnut flavor that was unfortunately overpowered by a musty aftertaste. The aftertaste I blame on myself, however, as I tasted them a few months after their sell-by date. The praline tasted much like the hazelnut creme (mustiness and all), but with creamier chocolate.

Thankfully, the flavors of the remaining five were strong enough to resist being overtaken by any mustiness. Hazelnut-almond was chock full of tiny bits of almonds and hazelnuts that imparted not only a great nuttiness but also a nice crunch. The dark mousse was a dark layer of chocolate coating a softer, lighter truffled inside. The outer layer had a dry snap while the inner truffle had an almost greasy melt. Good cacao flavor throughout.

The dark cream was lighter in color than the dark mousse, and, as far as I could tell, was just a solid, mildly dark chocolate bar. There was nothing wrong with the dark cream, per se, but it lacked any interesting flavor profile.

Coffee and cream was my favorite of the bunch. It had a dry snap and melt with a strong coffee  flavor but no corresponding coffee bitterness. It tasted like fresh ground coffee smells. And it looked pretty, with a super dark top layer atop a white chocolate strip for the cream.

Overall, I give the assortment an OM. I highly recommend buying a box, giving away the less stellar ones, and hoarding the coffee and creams for yourself.

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15 responses about “Merci Chocolate Assortment”

  1. Pam Walter said:

    Great idea to split into goodie bags. Hoarding isn’t a bad suggestion either! Will definitely try these.

  2. Diane said:

    Have you tried Covenant Cookies????? WOW!!!!!

  3. Cheryl said:

    Found these at Ocean State Job lot for $2 box (May 2009 exp. date). Bought twenty boxes of the dark chocolate, two of milk chocolate. With Valentine’s day coming up, I’ll give out whatever I haven’t eaten by then. I give them a “Are you kidding me? They are amazingly good.”
    Cheryl in Massachusetts

  4. Clay said:

    I bought a box of these from one of our shopettes, here in Germany, around Christmas time.

    They were all bloomed and greasy and I found EVERY SINGLE flavor to be disgusting…

    Go figure.

  5. Sherry said:

    OMG!! Soooooo Delish! I love love love the Marzipan & coffee ‘n Cream flavours. Absolutely decatent. I’m sorry Clay didn’t have tha same experience.

  6. ALIYA said:

    Nice, I love Merci chocolates.

  7. Ana said:

    So this one didn’t have the marzipan “fingers”?
    I find those to be some of the better ones, along with the two dark varieties. I also like the praline ones.

  8. marci said:

    Where in Canada can I purcharse a single box just to try before buying quanity online??? anyone out there who knows??

  9. Marci said:

    Where in Canada can I purchase a single box of Merci milk chocolate just to try before buying quanity online??? anyone out there who knows??

  10. Norma said:

    Can someone please tell me where I can purchase Merci chocolates in Canada…They are advertised every day on T. V.

  11. PHILIP GOHIER said:


  12. Banna said:

    I got my “Merci” chocolates at walmart around christmas time.

    And may I say they are amazing, every flavour is so good!

    My fave type of “Merci” chocolate is dark mousse!

  13. Anika said:

    Where can i purchase a single box of merci milk chocolate in Canada ontario – preferably around brampton/toronto

  14. Cristina said:

    Please, can someone tell me where can I buy a box of those Merci,finest assortment of European chocolates, in Bogot√°, Colombia?

    Thanks a lot

  15. i said: