Unusual Asian Grocery Store Finds

September 4th, 2008 by Rosa

Asian grocery stores are great resources for international candy finds. Sometimes, however, those finds aren’t that great. Case in point:

I’d think the corn flavored candy thing was a translate server error, except that the package is covered in cartoon ears of corn. Candy corn is a cause I can get behind, as is candied popcorn. But candy made to taste like corn? Unsurprisingly, I passed on buying this bag.

I did seriously consider about giving these knockoff Ferror Rochers a try though:

If I hadn’t already had a suitcase full of UK candy to fly back to school, I would’ve seriously considered buying them.

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3 responses about “Unusual Asian Grocery Store Finds”

  1. Kathy said:

    Actually, the corn candy is quite delicious. It has a light but interesting corn flavor and the candy is extremely chewy and slightly sticky. Next time you see them, I encourage you to try them!

  2. Debby said:

    I’ve never had corn candy, but at least corn is a better flavor than mayonnaise. There are a ton of mayo “flavored” Japanese snacks…not really a flavor.

  3. Steph M said:

    The corn candies are AWESOME!!! Now, mayo…not a fan at all.