Wham – Original Raspberry Flavor

In the US, Wham is probably best known for “Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go).” In the UK, Wham is also the name of a fairly ubiquitous “tongue tingling chew bar.” It’s super cheap (about 10-15 pence, or 20-30 cents) and seems to be similar to an Air Head. But what is this Super Fizz! they promise?

Out of the wrapper, the Wham turns out to be far softer, stickier, and greasier than Air Heads are. The Super Fizz! are this little white crystals, like the fizzy innards of a Zotz rather than like the popping crackle of Pop Rocks. They do tingle a bit, but I would’ve liked even more tingle. And they were unevenly distributed; my tingles all seemed to cluster on one side of the chew bar. The citrus flavor of the crystals was nice, though.

The bar itself is raspberry flavored, which surprised me. Yes, I know it says raspberry flavour on the wrapper, but the print was tiny, so I didn’t notice it. Raspberry strikes me as a funny flavor to be standard enough for an “original.” I probably would’ve chosen a different flavor had I known it was raspberry, as I have mixed feelings about the flavor. I dislike it when it tastes super seedy in candy, and the Wham did a pretty good job of capturing that seediness.

Consequently, I am not a Wham fan and give it an O. I may eat it again if it came in a variety pack, and it was the only flavor left, but then again, maybe not. I had access to a mix of candies (Nerds, SweeTarts, Shockers, and Laffy Taffy) the other day, and when only banana Laffy Taffys were left, I was tempted but ended up passing instead.