UK Candy Recommendations?

May 27th, 2008 by Rosa

This afternoon, I’m flying to London, then busing to Cambridge where I will spend the next two weeks (I get to be a research assistant for the Autism Research Centre. Hooray!). I’m excited, of course, since I’ve never been to Europe before.

Any particular suggestions for candy to check out while I’m on the other side of the pond? So far the only must-taste on my list is Thornton’s Chocolate Smothered Toffee, which Melanie Dunea of My Last Supper authorship told me she would have for her last supper.

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3 responses about “UK Candy Recommendations?”

  1. 3 said:

    you should look at and see which chocolates you should try! Dark Sugars truffles!

  2. Justin said:

    I’d recommend the Double Decker or Picnic. My sister and mom got a few last month and brought them back. Yum!

  3. James Edwards said:

    Hi Rosa,

    Check out all my reviews of UK goods on Chocolate Mission under the UK tag to get a good idea of the best UK chocolate bars….

    just make sure you get yourself at one least of these:

    ‘Cadburys Dairy Milk with Caramel’
    ‘Galaxy Caramel’

    all of which are currently winning on the Chocolate Mission stakes.

    Hope that helps