Liberty Orchards’ Classic Fruit Chocolates

After my review of Liberty Orchards’ Aplets and Cotlets, which were a gift from my friend Rita, posted, her mother left a comment promising to bring me the chocolate covered version next. And, lo and behold, when Rita’s parents visited her at school, they came bearing a box of Liberty Orchards’ Fruit Chocolates. Hooray!

They came in a box of fifteen, three each of five different varieties: orange delight, cherry and pecan, apricot and walnut, raspberry and pecan, and strawberry and walnut. Basically, they were the same fruit pate from the aplets and cotlets but with different fruits, sometimes studded with different nuts, and covered in milk chocolate.

The orange delight was my favorite. It was the only one without nuts, and had a bright orange flavor that went nicely with the chocolate coating. Cherry and pecan was serviceable cherry pate, apricot and walnut was softer in texture and flavor (due to the apricots and blander walnuts) than the others, raspberry and pecan had a nice bite of raspberry to it, and the strawberry and walnut had a bright berry flavor.

Again, these fruit pates are a more subtle and natural treat than the in-your-face sweetness of artificially flavored fruit candy. I really enjoyed them, as did the friends I shared them with, so I’m awarding an OM for the lot.