Frango Mints – Part I of Chicago Week

May 5th, 2008 by Rosa

Back in March, over my spring break, I road-tripped to Chicago with my dear friends Katie, Chris, Rita, and Steve (who needs to get a blog or something. I’m not going to be creepy and link to his facebook page). Lemme tell ya, you’ve got to really love the people you’re road-tripping with, especially when you’ve decided to make a 17/18-hour drive in one day, and you’re driving a tiny little sedan that doesn’t comfortably fit 5. Chicago was our destination because that’s where Katie is from, and her parents were kind enough to take us in for a week. And they were kind enough to buy me candy, including a delicious box of Frango mints (I repaid the favor by buying them some chocolates at Haven’s… except Katie forgot to bring them with her when she flew home for Cubs opening day, so I still owe them one).

Frango mints have a storied Chicago history and are a sore subject for some Chicago natives who resent that Marshall Field’s was bought out by Macy’s. Chicagoans are quite proud of their city, and they should be if they are the home to these delicious chocolate mints.

I expected the Frangos to be like Andes mints or little peppermint patties or something. Instead, they’re chocolate all the way through. Rich, thick, creamy (like a thick, melt in your mouth ganache), dense, sinfully indulgent chocolate with a light smokiness and a great finish. The mint flavoring is just right; not too overpowering, but strong enough to assert its presence.

My 1/3 pound box had a generous 15 mints in it. I ate about a third of them and shared the rest, which were quickly gobbled up and praised by my friends. As I write this review and reminisce about the Frangos, I wish that I had kept them all to myself so that I could have another right now. Though, according to Cybele’s take on the dark version, they’re high in trans fat, so maybe it’s better that I spread the unhealthy deliciousness around. A solid ZOMG! Many thanks to the Cobb’s for introducing me to such a tastebud delight.

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5 responses about “Frango Mints – Part I of Chicago Week”

  1. Katie said:

    Yay! Chicago is great! And alas, Frango production moved to PA sometime in my youth, but we still claim them, as they originated from Chicago and still call Chicago home, even if the factory moved away.

  2. cybele said:

    The mint is definitely the best.

  3. Chicago Cubs said:

    How fitting would it be for the Cubs to win the World Series in 2008, 100 years since their last WS win.

  4. rachel said:

    i have a box in front of me of these frango mint chocolates, chicago…(the box up on the top of this page). i have looked all over for them but i cant find them anywhere. i would like to get some for my mom for christmas because she ADORES them so if any of you know where to get them please tell me and send me the link!!

  5. Andre said:

    Frango’s are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they were not originated in Chicago, they moved there from Seattle and the FRedrick And Neslon COmpany, hence the name (FRANCOS originally), and ours are still better here since ours are still individually wrapped in the hexegon box!