Fun Bugs Gummies

August 23rd, 2007 by Rosa

I thought these Black Forest Fun Bugs Gummies (BUY) were a super cute spin on the gummi bug genre – instead of gummy worms, these are insect shaped gummies with a juicy center.


The gummi part was slightly soft; more Trolli than Haribo. The juicy center was a pleasantly sweet ooze that was a bit runnier and not as sticky as the goo that you’d get inside a Gusher. In my bag, the green gummies had a blue ooze, the yellow gummies had a green ooze, and the dark red gummies had an orange ooze.


The only gummi/ooze flavor combination that didn’t work for me was the yellow gummi with the green ooze. It just didn’t taste good. Otherwise, it’s pretty difficult to distinguish the different flavors and colors because the ooze and gummi blends together. They’re all rather generically sweet and fruity, and I had to eat mine very carefully to try to taste the separate components, and even then I wasn’t that successful. I think the orange ooze was actually orange flavored and the red gummy was strawberry, but my mind may have been fooled into believing that they tasted different. Either way, it doesn’t matter much. These are just fun gummi treats and shouldn’t be dissected as though they’re gourmet delicacies.

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3 responses about “Fun Bugs Gummies”

  1. Candylane said:

    I LOVE these and we have sold these for years quite well. The tart but sweet fruity flavor and juicy insides are addicting!

  2. Valerie said:

    My grandson loves these candies,but I have been unable to find them anywhere since Christmas. Where can I order them??

  3. Mememe said:

    @Valerie — Try wal-marts, our super wal-marts usually have them in checkout section?