Breast Augmentation

What to Expect After You Get a Breast Augmentation

Breasts occur in various shapes and sizes, including small, enormous, round, narrow, side set, teardrop, and asymmetrical. However, for those who are unhappy with their breasts, they were dealt with organically; breast augmentation has long provided an option to transform them. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, you’re undoubtedly wondering what to expect. How long does the procedure take? How much time will you need to take off work? What should you do for better recovery?  

Here is what you can expect after your breast augmentation procedure.

How Breast Augmentation Works  

Breast augmentation is a common surgical operation that enlarges and shapes your breasts. Breast augmentation surgery might help some people feel more confident. For others, it is part of rebuilding the breast to treat various problems. Implants are placed below the breast tissue or under the chest muscle during the surgery. An implant is a sac filled with silicone or a saline substance which are considered two types of breast augmentation. The operation is performed in either an outpatient surgery facility or a hospital. This procedure usually proceeds under general anesthesia on women. 

Consult a plastic surgeon if you are considering breast augmentation. Discuss your objectives with your plastic surgeon so you can be realistic about the benefits of breast augmentation. Make sure you understand what surgery has, including any risks, problems, and aftercare. Ensure you follow proper aftercare guidelines to promote breast augmentation scar healing.

After Breast Augmentation 

You will need another adult to be with you for the first 24 hours after breast augmentation. After the procedure, your breasts will be covered in gauze, and you will be given a compression bra to wear while you heal. You will be on pain medication for two days after the surgery. Once you have stopped using drugs, you will be able to drive, and most patients can return to work in 2-3 days.  

You will be wearing compression garments for six weeks and should avoid vigorous activity and exercise throughout that time. For fast healing after plastic surgery, you will be wearing compression garments during stage 1 of recovery for six weeks and should avoid vigorous activity and exercise throughout that time. In addition, you should sleep on your side or back while recovering. While complications after breast augmentation are uncommon, it is critical to check for signs of infection at the incision site, heavy bleeding, or increased pain.  

Tips for Healthy Recovery 

Depending on how well you recover, this surgery can be successful. However, the chances of a breast augmentation surgery recovery can be improved by: 

  • Wear recovery bras to manage breast pain and swelling 
  • Wear a bandage or apply ointment for your incisions 
  • Take your prescribed pain medications 
  • Rest completely after the procedure 
  • Wear loose and breathable clothes to give more comfort 
  • Avoid strenuous activity for better healing 
  • Eat nutritious foods for a speedy recovery 
  • By taking proper care of yourself after surgery, you not only reduce the risk of complications, but also ensure your scars heal well

When Can You Return to Normal Activity 

It takes only about a week to heal enough from surgery to return to work (if an office job) and most activities, but there are certain things, namely exercise, that require waiting a bit longer. Patients can start working out about three weeks post-op, i.e., legs and arms but still need to give the chest a lot of rest. After six months of full recovery, if you are starting any type of cardio that’s bouncy, you need to wear two bras.  

Final Word 

Breast augmentation recovery time is usually 6 to 8 weeks. Your recovery time may be extended if you suffer issues, such as an infection or implant leak. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to ensure a quick recovery. Wear the recovery bra and take care of your incisions as instructed. Make sure you are well-rested and eat a nutritious diet. You should fully recover and resume normal activities in around eight weeks. You can find many appropriate plastic surgery clinics by googling “Breast Implants Hyderabad” and “Breast Enlargement Surgery Hyderabad