Save Your Electric Bill

Top Tips to Save on Your Electricity Bill

Throughout the pandemic, a lot of us have spent a fair amount of time at home. Hopefully, it has made us well aware of the additional electricity we have been using on the laundry, lights, and stovetop. The good thing is now there are more than a few measures that you can take to reduce your energy bill.??

Switch your electricity provider

Find out whether the energy plan offered by your current provider is most cost-effective and efficient. You will be able to save money on your electric bill if you increase the efficiency of your home. With the help of electricity comparison websites like Power To Choose Corpus Christi, you can compare the electricity companies in your area to find the best plan for your needs.

Use dishwasher

Dishwashers use energy, but you may not know that they also save a lot of time, water, money, and energy over hand washing, says?Daniel, who works with EduWorldUSA.?

Following a leading report by California Energy Commission, employing an Energy Star-qualified dishwasher over hand washing can bring in a lot of cost savings. On average, using a dishwasher can help you save approximately $40 in utility costs, 5000 gallons of water, and about 230 hours of time.??

Air dryer the dishes

Get over the heat-dry cycle of the dishwasher. Instead of this, you can simply open a crack and let the dishes air-dry on their own. If you have a dishwasher with an air-drying option, you can use that as well. With the air-drying setting, you can lower the dishwasher’s energy consumption by approximately 15 to 50 percent.?

Get them clean

The dishwasher tips will not save electricity if you have to repeat the load because your dishes are not clean in a single wash. It is for this reason you need to ensure that they are loaded right.??

For instance, you will have to place all the bowls at the top rack and plates at the bottom rack. Further, all large pots need to be washed separately, and the cups must be placed upside down.?

Use a fan

For people who reside in an area with hot summers, it is recommended to turn on the ceiling fan before touching the thermostat. Employing a ceiling fan can make the room approximately 10 degrees cooler. Moreover, the fan uses only 10 percent of the energy used by the air conditioner.?

Ditch the twisty CFLs

We have good news for people who are not a fan of the twisty compact fluorescent lights. Several LEDs, such as the Cree daylight, or GE LED daylight, Philips SceneSwitch, look much like the old incandescent bulbs.

Opt for smarter bulbs

If you have not yet opted for LED lighting, it is time you do that now. Following a study by the US Department of Energy, it was concluded that employing an LED bulb can save you approximately seventy-five percent of energy. Moreover, the LED bulbs last twenty-five percent times longer than incandescent lighting. Long story short, it is a lot of saving.?

Use motion to curtail the waste

If you keep running from one room to another, turning off the lights that your family members leave open after moving to another room, then you need to update. A good and viable solution to the problem is opting for motion detectors, such as LED Plus Lineup by GE or Smart Outdoor lights by Ring.?

Switch off the burner slightly earlier

Following the reports by California Energy Commission, even if you turn off the burner early, the stove has adequate heat to finish what is left to cook and save you some electricity. Usually, this works for all the dishes, but of course, there may be a few exceptions.?

Shut the oven

Whenever you open the door of your oven, its internal temperature experiences a drop of 25 degrees. Then, the oven needs to use a higher degree of electricity to bring back the temperature. To help you save some electricity, you can peek through the window to keep a tab on your food.?

Go tiny

When you are cooking something small or only heating something, you can opt for a smaller appliance, such as your toaster oven or microwave, says Jasmine, who works with FineGrades.?It is because these use lesser electricity as compared to the oven.?

Install a dimmer

When you dim your light, it reduces the output and wattage. Following a study by the US Department of Energy, it can help you save some energy. There are a few dimmer switches, such as the In-Wall Wireless Smart Lighting kit by Lutron Caseta, which is effortless to control and can be managed by an app. Thus, it is straightforward to save electricity with it.?

Opt for a smart plug

At times you may think that your appliances and electronics are energy-efficient, but ponder hard, are you not using more energy instead? You can shop for the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini. It is a compact gadget that you can plug into the wall. It can be used to turn the electronics on and off.?

Put electronics on standby

Putting the electronics in standby mode can help you save a lot more money than leaving them turned on. Of course, standby uses a reasonable degree of electricity, but it is still better than leaving them on.?

Opt for a strip

One of the most significant ways to control the power waster is by plugging it into a smart outlet or a power strip.?

However, when you retire to bed, you can turn off the strip. You can even use your application to turn it off when you may not be home remotely.?