Step by Step Guide how to get free bitcoins

There are several ways to obtain cryptocurrency, the most common being acquiring it on an exchange. But do you know you can obtain free cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins? This article will explain how to do that. 


They include

  1. Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are websites that offer small rewards to users in exchange for completing online tasks, e.g., filling out a survey or solving a CAPTCHA puzzle. They are called “faucets” because the rewards they give are small and comparable to small drops of water from a leaky faucet.


You can choose a reputable faucet to complete tasks and earn small amounts of BTC. Most faucets allow you to amass your earnings and withdraw them to a wallet once it tops a certain amount.

  1. Blockchain Games

Many blockchain-based games offer BTC rewards to users. For example, you can get free tokens once you pass a specific level or milestone. You can also compete against other players and earn Bitcoins if you win them.


These games can come in many forms. They could be action and puzzle games requiring strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, fantasy games incorporating gambling, or simple trivia games rewarding answering questions correctly.

  1. Mining

Mining is the main process through which people get free Bitcoins. It involves using powerful computers to solve complex puzzles and unlock the next block of Bitcoin rewards. It’s not exactly “free” because you need a powerful computer to mine the tokens, which are usually costly. But, if you already have such a computer, you can use it to mine tokens in your spare time.


You can mine tokens with your computer or add its processing power to public mining pools; you’ll pay the pool operator a small percentage of the rewards as a fee. 


Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million, and over 19.4 million have been mined so far. The more the circulating supply nears the max, the harder it is to mine BTC. Mining is as hard as ever, but you can still get tokens from this process.


  1. Bug Bounties

Many cryptocurrency platforms, e.g., exchanges, wallets, and mining pools, have bug bounty programs. These programs reward security researchers who identify and report bugs to the platform’s owner. For example, if you identify a bug that allows hackers to steal sensitive data, you can report it to the platform’s operator and claim a reward.


Crypto platforms often pay rewards with digital tokens, including BTC. The rewards can be sizeable depending on the severity of the bugs you identify.

  1. Lending

You can lend your tokens to crypto investors and traders, and they’ll pay back with interest. You don’t need to stress yourself finding people to lend tokens to. Many centralized and decentralized platforms offer lending pools where you can add tokens and claim them back with interest after a specified period.


However, beware of platforms promising very high interest rates, e.g., 10% and above. Such platforms either engage in high-risk trading or are outrightly fraudulent.

  1. Bitcoin Debit Cards

Many crypto exchanges offer debit cards that allow you to spend the tokens in your wallet. You’ll pay in fiat, and the exchange automatically debits the equivalent amount of tokens from your wallet.


These crypto cards offer rewards just like typical debit or credit cards. For instance, you can get a 2% cashback reward on all online purchases, and the reward can be paid in BTC tokens.

  1. Tip/Donate Button

If you run a website with a significant following, you can insert donation buttons to get BTC gifts from loyal readers. You can insert a payment button directly on your website or write the crypto wallet address to which users should send Bitcoins.